Hamish and Andy chase Rita Ora

RITA Ora has put on a masterclass for how to get out of paying an old debt.

The singer joined Hamish and Andy in their studio yesterday and the pair recalled when they first met the singer in an LA hotel nine years ago before she made it big.

"We were all staying there for a week and we became buddies," Hamish explained.

To keep themselves entertained, Hamish and Andy bought a BB gun, set up a shooting gallery in their hotel room and invited Rita to test her aim.

"We all shot the pillow up," Hamish said. "Then reception gets me and goes, 'You destroyed the pillow, we found like 100 BBs rolling around in the pillow case'."

Hamish said he was happy to pay for a new pillow but the receptionist explained that the pillow could only be purchased as part of a set that included a new doona, sheets, bed skirt etc ...

"$650 it cost me to replace!" Hamish told Rita.

"At that time I definitely couldn't have given you any of that," Rita, who was an unsigned artist at the time, said.

"I know and that's why we're asking you now," Andy told her.

"Oh really?" Rita said, shocked that the boys were chasing a debt live on the radio.

So how much did they want?

"I would say 10 per cent of the shots were your doing," Andy said. "$65 is all we're asking for to settle this matter."

"You stingy f**ks!" Rita said.

The singer, who was just 19 when the incident took place, then quickly turned the tables on the radio stars.

"To be honest, I was so bored in this hotel. Obviously in America it's a different drink law ... and you guys were the only guys who helped me out and basically helped me get drunk."

Aware that it's against the law to supply alcohol to a minor in California, Hamish tried to shut Rita down.

"Whoa, whoa ... We were all young, we were all having a good time."

"Let's wave the $65," Andy declared.

"What's $65 between friends especially if they don't incriminate anyone for underage drinking," Hamish joked.

Now that's how you get out of a debt. Well played, Rita.

Watch the full video below:

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