Senator Pauline Hanson in Stanthorpe back in late 2019.
Senator Pauline Hanson in Stanthorpe back in late 2019.

Hanson threatens to take legal action over border uncertainty

PAULINE Hanson has threatened a High Court challenge if the Queensland Government continue to “scaremonger” on border closures.

The Senator took to Facebook last night to announce she’d engaged a pro-bono, constitutional lawyer to represent Queenslanders impacted by the indefinite closure.

“Is Annastacia Palaszczuk’s border lockdown affecting your business? Has it caused a drop off in domestic tourism numbers? Is it destroying your family?” Ms Hanson said.

“I have a pro-bono, constitutional lawyer who will represent you in a High Court challenge under Section 92.

“It is unconstitutional for Premier Palaszczuk to close Queensland’s border and her actions are causing me a great deal of concern for the economic viability of our state,” Ms Hanson said.

Stanthorpe and Granite Belt Chamber of Commerce president Graham Parker said many businesses on the Granite Belt and around the border region are hurting, with some unlikely to recover.

But he doesn’t believe a drawn out legal stoush would aid in their battle.

“I think it’s a bit of grand standing from Pauline, which is what she does,” Mr Parker said.

“Opening the borders … it’ll happen when it happens.

“I’m not going to be critical of the state government.

“Personally, I’d probably like to see the borders reopened.

“But my observation of this Pauline thing is it’s all wind.

“If people here feel inclined to join in that’s their decision. Personally I won’t be signing up for it.

“I think we’ve got bigger things to worry about than tying up the High Court with rubbish like this,” Mr Parker said.

Senator Hanson took aim at the Premier and Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, accusing the pair of instilling fear into the public.

“There is no cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, and until there is, all states and territories must learn to live with the virus.

“I will not let the self-interest of this lawless Premier override the constitution of our nation.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk’s scare mongering, aided by her sidekick and Queensland Health Officer, Jeannette Young, must be stopped immediately,” she said.

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