Has polocrosse the world record, most siblings in two Tests

Celicia and Dawnay Jacobs from the Arnot club in South Africa are one of six sibling groups playing in the Australia-South Africa Test series.
Celicia and Dawnay Jacobs from the Arnot club in South Africa are one of six sibling groups playing in the Australia-South Africa Test series. Gerard Walsh

TEN years ago, the Jacobs sisters, Celicia and Dawnay, played as teenagers for South Africa in the Polocrosse World Cup.

Tonight, they will return to the main field at Morgan Park for the start of the Carroll Truck Sales International Series against Australia at 6pm.

They are one of six sets of siblings in the two teams, in fact South Africa has five sets of siblings, 10 players, out of 14 players in the men's and women's teams.

The Jacobs siblings have always played in the same section in polocrosse and it is the same with their work.

Celicia is the department manager in the bakery, deli and fruit and vegies in her parents' Super Spar store at Witbank and her younger sister Dawnay is receiving and pricing department manager.

They are following in their parents' footsteps in business and they are also doing it in polocrosse.

Their parents, uncle and aunt all played polocrosse for South Africa and the team for this week's men's series includes their cousins, Nico and Attie Van Wyk.

"Our grandmother Dawn Van Wyk was one of the two who started polocrosse in South Africa,” Celicia said.

Celicia has played in the past three World Cups and is aiming for a fourth in Warwick in 2019.

Dawnay was working in England when the 2011 cup was played and will be aiming to play her second in Warwick in 2019.

"I am very excited about this series and am really looking forward to it,” she said.

Dawnay is a No.1 and shoots goals while Celicia has moved from a No.2 to No.3 down the years.

Celicia has come up against Australian players Suzette Thomas and Lucy Grills in past internationals.

"I played against Lucy at the back of the line-up in the 2015 World Cup. It will be interesting if we are in the same sections again,” Celicia said.

There are six groups of siblings in the Test teams: the Jacobs, Higgs, Van Wyk, Steenkamp and MacLarty siblings from South Africa and Australian sisters Suzette Thomas and Lizzie Reid.

Two Tests will be played tonight, Friday night and Saturday night on a weekend when 100 teams will be in Warwick for three different competitions.

Admission is $25 for an event pass, $12.50 a day-night pass, and $10 a night. Children under 16 will be admitted free.

Tickets on sale at the gate.

There is parking at the grounds and grandstand seating will be available and food on sale in the Polocrosse Clubhouse.

Polocrosse program

Thursday: 3pm Start of Barastoc Interstate Series

6pm Women's Test

7.30pm Men's Test

Friday: 7am Queensland Polocrosse Association Breakfast

10am Barastoc Interstate Series games

6pm Men's Test

7.30pm Women's Test

Saturday: 7.30am Start of Shell Cup and Barastoc action for the day

6pm Women's Test

7.30pm Men's Test

Sunday: 7am Start of final day

10am Start of finals on main field

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