BITTERSWEET: Scott Dooley closes Civic Video after 10 years at the helm.
BITTERSWEET: Scott Dooley closes Civic Video after 10 years at the helm. Jonno Colfs

Hasta la vista, baby

CIVIC Video is closing its doors and it seems like half of Warwick has so far turned up to get in before they do.

News of a surprise closing down sale spread across Facebook on Monday and people from all walks of life have spoken up with memories and to say goodbye.

Owner Scott Dooley said the response has been overwhelming.

"We've owned the store for 10 years; I've got to know a lot of people very well," he said.

"That's the really tough part of all this.

"The shop has been busy all day, with people coming in to pick up a bargain and to offer their thanks, support and encouragement.

"We only made the decision last night (Monday) and set up the Facebook event.

"A lot of people have jumped on and left comments. It's been nice."

The reason behind the sudden closure is the struggle to compete, Mr Dooley said.

"Technologies are changing and now we have to deal with large overseas companies offering online movie and TV packages," he said.

"They don't need a shopfront; they can offer free periods and we can't compete with that.

"Last year was ok, but this year we've taken a hit.

"It's not like I gave up; it just had to happen."

Mr Dooley said he started working for Civic Video in 1998.

"It was a job that became a career," he said.

"I worked for the previous owner and then took over. I had a few business partners along the way but it's been just me for a while now.

"We're like a family here. Well, we actually are; both my daughters have worked here for years.

"I remember having movies sales, back when retail was strong for us and people were lined up outside before we opened.

"We sponsored a basketball team once that won the premiership, that was great, we had their banner up here in store for a while.

"People who have been coming here for years and years have been stopping by to help out all day. The lady helping out behind the counter over there is a customer. It's been great.

"I actually rang some long-time customers last night, so they didn't find out about the closing down on Facebook.

"Those are the sort of relationships we had here."

Mr Dooley said he wasn't really sure what comes next.

"It's a little bit daunting really," he said.

"I haven't had a holiday in a long time, but now isn't the time for that either, still need to pay the bills.

"In the long term, I think we'll head back to the coast, where we're from originally.

"I grew up surfing, but I can't remember the last time I hopped on a board."

The Civic Video closing down sale continues tomorrow. Say goodbye and grab a bargain.

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