Have a crack and wet a line at Cooby Dam

Mick Lamb and Peter Lamb show off an 18lb cod caught at Goondiwindi.
Mick Lamb and Peter Lamb show off an 18lb cod caught at Goondiwindi. Contributed

CHECK out where they are biting this weekend with our weekly fishing report with Kris George from Fish n Bits Bait and Tackle.


COOBY is still going very strong this week off the bank as well as on the water.

There have been several reports of good yellows as well as hooking up some nice cod from the bank using darker TN60 Jackalls and similar hard bodies, along with salt water yabbies and worms.

Casting past the weed bank and slowly rolling back towards the bank has got some great results.

On the water, still around the buoy line to the steep banks with spinner baits and hard bodies is still working very well.

The fish seem to be hovering around the six-metre region.

Salt water yabbies, live shrimp as well as blood worms are also getting great results so be sure to take a selection of everything to try.


SOMERSET is a little slower this week.

With so many storms hanging around and pressure systems forcing down on the fish, it is no wonder.

However, if you are prepared to put in the time you're sure to still grab yourself some good fish.

Hopping Masked Vibs and other soft plastics have scored some great results for some anglers, as well as spinners such as Nories.

In Queen St and around The Spit as well as the timber up past Kirkleigh have been reported as the best spots for targeting them.

Kirkleigh in particular has been good for the bait fishos.

Salt water yabbies, blood worms and live shrimp have produced some fair to good yellowbelly.


OVER the last few weeks there have been some good amounts of water released into the Condamine.

This has produced some great periods of fishing all along the river.

From Pratten to Cecil Plains, there have been great reports of yellowbelly as well as good size and numbers of cod being landed from bait such as blood worms, live shrimp and salt water yabbies to hard body lures such as Southern Cross, Kezza, Mudeyes, Little Rippers, TN 60s as well as the trusty Bassman spinnerbait.

The fishing has been some of the best for a long time.

With free camping along Passmore Reserve, Yarramalong, Lemon Tree etc it is sure to be a great holiday for those heading out for a break over Christmas.


NOT an awful lot has changed at Leslie this past week.

There are still great fish being caught throughout the dam, in particular at Cod Alley and all around those rocky structures.

Surprisingly enough, some good cod have been landed to the left of the ramp towards the skiing area.

Plenty of yellowbelly have been caught across the dam on a mix of hard body and soft plastic lures.

Salt water yabbies seem to be still the best bait to use.

If you don't have a fish finder, drop to the bottom then raise a few feet at a time until you find their depth.

You'll know pretty quickly as they will get into the yabbies quickly.

The best times for yellows are in the early or late parts of the day.


FISHING is very slow at Cressbrook at the moment.

With so much action happening everywhere else, Cressbrook seems to have taken a bit of a back seat.

However, a few people who have fished there have reported a very hard time finding and then trying to get the fish to bite.

There were some half-hearted bites with Nories and Blades.

Along the front of the boat ramp and along the buoys seem to have been the most popular regions to find small schools.


WITH so many storms and windy days, Coolmunda has slowed down a bit.

There are still plenty of yellowbelly being caught all along the dam wall, out in front of the ramp, to the left of the ramp in the hole as well as along the original creek bed.

Jackall TN60 Purple Tiger has caught some good yellows as well as other darker hard bodied lures and purple/green Spinnerbaits.

Cod have slowed right back there; however, persistence has paid off for several anglers with some good-sized cod being caught on spinners as well as red/white and bright yellow/black hard body lures.


INSHORE is still producing some great flathead and mangrove jacks all around the region.

There are some nice size whiting being taken all around the sandy regions.

This bit of rain and storms we have had have flushed out some great quality muddies from all around the creeks and regions with better than normal catches being reported.

Offshore has been very quiet.

There aren't too many people venturing out with so many storms about.

However, some great dolphin fish have been caught as well as a few snapper around on the 36 and 50 fathom line with a few pearl perch thrown in for good measure.

Lure of the week

Livingston Lure: This great lure features a proprietary EBS technology smart chip that emulates natural baitfish sounds with the ability to generate more strikes even while completely motionless in the water.

It has an eight-second repeating cycle, four seconds of sound followed by a four-second silence.

To turn off the sound, simply remove it from the water.

There is a huge range of colours to choose from.

This lipless crank bait is a must have for the tackle box.

Tip of the week

WITH the start of the holiday season upon us, many people are planning on heading to areas generally further away than normal.

Take time to go through your trailer and make sure you do everything possible to hopefully not ruin your trip.

A little bit of maintenance now can save a huge bill down the track.

Pull the hubs off, check bearings, re-pack with fresh grease and make sure all wheel nuts are tight.

Check tyres for signs of cracks wear and tear.

Do all your lights work?

Is the boat winch in good working condition?

It doesn't hurt to carry some spare D shackles in a tool box in case you lose some.

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