Caught with pants down.
Caught with pants down.

‘He just simply forgot his pants’

A Gold Coast man walked into a service station with no pants and no underwear, having forgotten to put them on. Today a court was told the reason why.

But, he was coherent enough to remember his bag with 4g of the drug ice inside it.

Thomas Andrew Findlater, 23 pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court today to one count each of wilful exposure and possessing dangerous drugs.

Prosecutor Joel Sleep said Findlater and a female friend went to the Labrador 7-Eleven on Frank St just after midnight today.

He said when Findlater got out of the car the service station clerk realised he had not pants and could see his genitalia.

She called police.

Mr Sleep said police later found Findlater nearby with a bag which contained 4g of the drug ice.

Defence lawyer Bettina Webb, of Howden Saggers Lawyers, said Findlater had a bizarre excuse for having no pants.

"He just simply forgot his pants," she said.

"He had taken illicit substances and had walked out of the house without his pants."

Ms Webb said Findlater was as equally confused about why he had the drugs on him.

"He doesn't recall why he was carrying it but along the same line he doesn't remember why he wasn't wearing any pants," she said.

Findlater had been at a party with friends earlier and the drugs were going to be used by all of the people there, Ms Webb told the court.

She said Findlater had made some "very poor decisions".

Findlater appeared in court in a green prison shirt and a pair of shorts.

He kept pulling the legs of the shorts down to cover himself more.

Magistrate Maryanne May sentenced Findlater to 12 months probation.

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