Helpless victim taunted by pest

A TEENAGER who pleaded guilty to a disgusting and unprovoked attack on a man with an intellectual impairment has been warned of the "living hell" that awaits him should he offend again.

Warwick teen Blake Nicholas Surch spent Monday night in police custody before fronting the Warwick Magistrates Court on Tuesday afternoon, where he pleaded guilty to a bevy of criminal charges.

The most disturbing aspect of his offensive behaviour was the attack on the victim, targeted by Surch and his alleged co-offender.

The court heard the 44-year-old victim was walking along Palmerin St at around 3pm on November 27, when he was confronted by the pair.

Surch approached the man aggressively and began to taunt and yell at him, making offensive gestures and waving his arms in the man's face.

The court heard the victim was then followed across the road, where Surch continued to yell and laugh at him, before the co-offender allegedly spat at the man.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ken Wiggan said he was disappointed in Surch's unacceptable behaviour and the ordeal would have been humiliating and frightening for the victim.

"The victim was concerned about his safety and did nothing to provoke the two hoons," he told the court.

Sgt Wiggan said the attack was not an isolated incident and the teen and others had taunted the man the previous day.

Magistrate Andrew Cridland scolded the teen for his "disgusting" and "abhorrent" behaviour, saying he had seriously considered leaving him behind bars.

"Had you a more serious criminal history I would have had no hesitation in jailing you for six months, which is the maximum penalty," he said.

"This was a deliberate attempt to belittle and cause fear in others."

Mr Cridland said should the 17-year-old be sentenced to time behind bars in an adult prison, it would be a "living hell".

He said the teen would almost definitely be assaulted, possibly sexually, should that occur and told Surch it was up to him to keep himself out of prison.

The victim's father has slammed the actions of Surch and said the teen should be behind bars for the attack.

"It is unacceptable and he is just a feral as far as I'm concerned," he told the Daily News yesterday.

"Anybody with a little bit of respect about themselves wouldn't do it.

"He has no respect for the law and no respect for anyone - he is a lost cause."

The man said his son was made a target by the teen and said Surch probably got "a high" from belittling him.

"I can't see why, if they're going to pick on someone, they would pick on someone with a disability," he said.

The man said his son would have been frightened by the confrontation.

The victim's parents have tried to teach their son to be wary of people who may target him but his father said he was trusting and did not see the bad in people.

"It's sad people aren't safe to even walk in the street and not just my son, what if it was some old bloke?" he said.

"There's nothing stopping them from doing the same to him."

Surch was convicted on one charge of break and enter, two each of public nuisance and breaching bail, one of contravening a police order and one of failing to wear a seatbelt.

The court heard Surch and another man forced entry into a local community hall between November 22 and 24.

Alcoholic drinks were stolen from the fridge while Surch acted as a look-out during the break-in.

Surch also pleaded guilty to breaching a court-ordered curfew by going out at night to drink.

He was placed on probation for 18 months, ordered to complete 160 hours community service and fined $500.

Surch's alleged co-offender is set to appear in Warwick Magistrates Court on January 17 to face four charges.

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