Hi-5 visits Emerald to perform for Floodfest.
Hi-5 visits Emerald to perform for Floodfest. Tara Miko

Hi-5 stars kicked out of pub

YOU can be the stars of the nation’s favourite children’s group but if you don’t conform to the dress code, expect to be asked to leave The Irish Village.

Just ask Hi-5, the five-member kids’ musical group in Emerald for Floodfest, who was asked to leave the establishment after dinner on Friday.

The group was served before it was noticed Stevie Nicholson and Tim Maddren weren’t wearing collared shirts.

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The waiter had offered them the dessert menu when security spotted their attire, around 7pm, and asked the group to leave.

The Irish Village manager Paul Crawford stood by the policy and said: “Rules are rules. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you aren’t in dress code, expect to be asked to leave.

“We are trying to give Emerald what they want and need.

“About 90% of people comply with the dress code, and generally, if people aren’t wearing the correct clothes, they get changed, and come back.”

Mr Crawford wasn’t the manager when the pub first opened so didn’t bear the brunt of Emerald’s outrage at the dress code – a first for the town – but said residents had mostly come to terms with the policy.

Sydney-based Hi-5, fresh off the plane Friday afternoon, also accepted the conditions of entry and the establishment’s rules, although said it would make more sense if they were permitted to stay for dessert.

Group member Casey Burgess tweeted on Sunday about returning: “...eating at the Irish pub that we got kicked out of.”

She tagged it as #onlyplacetoeat.

But there was no sign they held a grudge against The Irish Village as some members reportedly returned for lunch on Saturday before they took to the stage at the AgGrow site, much to delight of Highlands’ children.

Backstage after their performance, members Tim, Stevie, Casey, Lauren Brant and Fely Irvine, were visibly impressed with Emerald, its surrounds and the children.

They couldn’t sing the town’s praises loud enough.

“We come from very busy and hectic lives in Sydney and it’s just nice to be where fresh produce is made and it was nice to see space between places,” Lauren said.

“It’s nice just to see the stars,” Tim said.

After Brisbane was flooded, the group toured the capital city and that’s when the extent of the floods really hit home.

“A lot of people forget about the kids in those sorts of situations because their main priority is getting things back up and running again,” Stevie said.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been hugged by kids as much as when we were there.”

Tim said: “The parents were out trying to save their houses and the kids have got to sit at the evacuation centres.”

“It’s good to see Emerald back up on their feet,” Fely said. “Stay strong!”

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