Scenes from the travel series
Scenes from the travel series "Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father" featuring comedian Jack Whitehall and father Michael. Images supplied by Netflix

Hit Netflix show filmed in Toowoomba and Ipswich emu farm

A HIT Netflix show has filmed scenes for its next season in Toowoomba and the Ipswich region, the show's creator has confirmed.

British comedian Jack Whitehall told a Brisbane crowd at his stand up comedy show on Saturday night the region would feature in the next season of his show Travels With My Father.

In the show Jack, an eccentric man in his early 30s, travels around the world with his father Michael Whitehall, an upper-class British man.



The show has in previous seasons visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, eastern Europe and the United States.

Mr Whitehall slipped in the news about the show filming in the region when he was making jokes about nut-based milks, which he labelled "nut juice".


Jack Whitehall.
Jack Whitehall.


"We were in Toowoomba filming Travels With My Father," Mr Whitehall said.

"We were in a cafe when one of our producers asked the somewhat older gentleman behind the counter what milk options do you have.

"'We've got hot and cold', he said."



Emus have been a running joke in a number of Mr Whitehall's stand up comedy sets for a number of years, as when he was a child he played an emu in his school nativity play.

It was no surprise then the father-son duo visited Hayman Emu Farms in Marburg, also known as Emu Heaven.

"I was told by the farmer there were 200 emus in the field," he said.

"He turned to me and said there is one in the field that wants to kill you and one wants to have sex with you.

"I was like 'get me out of here'."



A spokeswoman for the farm said the scenes there were filmed earlier this month.

It is unknown yet whether Winston Whitehall, a creepy doll the duo adopted in Thailand, visited the region with the father and son.

Parts of the next season of the show were also filmed in Brisbane, Sydney and Byron Bay.

It is set to be released on Netflix later this year.

Toowoomba Regional Council tourism spokesman Cr Geoff McDonald said it was great to see the region showcased to the world.

"Any level of promotion at that scale has to be good for Toowoomba and the region as rarely do people just turn up and do filming here, they come because we've got something to offer for viewers to look at," he said.

"It's a good reason for people to then say if this blokes been here, it should be somewhere we should look at coming to as well.

"Netflix is pretty large and this fellow has a good following, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see a flow on from that."

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