Hoon steals car for a joy ride

STOLEN: A hoon stole a car and took it for a joy ride from Allora on Friday night.
STOLEN: A hoon stole a car and took it for a joy ride from Allora on Friday night. Marc Stapelberg

FOR the third time in two months, a hoon has allegedly stolen a car from Allora township and taken it for a joy ride before returning it back to its residence.

Acting Sergeant Matt Shield said the latest joy ride occurred on Friday night between 7pm and 7am on Saturday.

Sgt Shield said nothing was stolen from inside the car but it was returned covered in dirt and grass.

"There was grass wedged between the tyre and the rim so they've gone hooning around in it,” he said.

The car keys were inside the vehicle when it was stolen, prompting police to warn residents to lock up and leave keys in a safe location.

Sgt Shield said leaving keys inside cars and not locking up leaves residents vulnerable to opportunistic crime.

"They're going around at night checking car doors and then when they find one that's unlocked they take it for a spin,” Sgt Shield said.

All three cars were returned back to the same street they were allegedly stolen from.

Sgt Shield said keys to cars must be locked inside the house, but also should not be left in an obvious location such as on a hallway side table.

The crimes are being investigated by police with suspicions they could have been committed by the same suspect.

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