Candidate Phil Buddle faces a packed Rupert’s.
Candidate Phil Buddle faces a packed Rupert’s. Jenna Cairney

Hopefuls voice intentions

SIX out of the eight mayoral candidates were invited to make their mark at Warwick Probus Club yesterday.

A packed Rupert's Bar and Grill heard a six minute speech by each candidate, which was followed by a couple of prickly questions.

Businesswoman Gina Doulis was the first to speak, saying that in public speaking, she was no politician but what she did say was "from the heart."

"My goal is to create a climate to encourage new business to the region," she said, adding she thought the first budget of the new council was the critical one.

After delivering a massive list of work experience and delegations in which she's involved, Cr Mally McMurtrie said she would bring "dignity" to the table, as well as passion and dedication.

She said she would try to reduce waste and enhance the bottom line, while promoting lifestyle and improving the culture through council.

"Together we will achieve," Cr McMurtrie said.

"Failure isn't an option."

Phillip Buddle gave an extensive account of his employment background, experiences as a teacher and as former Mayor of Uralla.

"I think I can do plenty with my experience," he said.

There's not a road in the region Lindsay Goodwin hasn't travelled, well maybe one or two, but he did say yesterday if he were mayor he would ensure council didn't run out of money for roads half way through the year.

"You have to make sure you can maintain that budget for 12 months," he said.

Mr Goodwin also said he would spend his first 100 days looking at each person and each department in council and if the new council was formed from the same people, change was unlikely.

Current Deputy Mayor Peter Blundell said he has a strong vision for the region.

"It starts with us being a prosperous region," he said.

He said serving on council wasn't always about making popular decisions but if elected he would focus on budget, service, lobbying and cooperation.

Kim Olsen said he believes he's engendered loyalty and support with all the people he's worked with.

"People have said to me because I'm a gentle person, have I the strength to do the job? I do," he said.

"I won't get caught up in the emotional games."

In Saturday's Daily News read the questions and answers from the Probus meeting.

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