Hospital worker not paid at all

IMAGINE opening the perforated edges of your pay slip only to find a zero where your fortnightly pay should be.

This is what happened to one Warwick Hospital full-time employee this week as Queensland Health’s payroll debacle deepens.

The employee, who wished not to be identified, contacted the Daily News yesterday after she was “scared” when her fortnight of labour had not been remunerated.

“I’ve worked at the hospital for about 18 months and this is the first time this has happened,” she said.

“I haven’t just been underpaid – I haven’t been paid at all.”

When the employee noticed the error on Wednesday – the department’s usual fortnightly pay day – she was told the money would be in her account yesterday.

“But it wasn’t,” she said.

“When I contacteded (Queensland Health’s payroll) I was told they were handling multiple cases and I wasn’t given any more information.”

Even though she worked the hours and has not received any reimbursement for her time, the employee said “I’m one of the lucky ones”.

“I don’t have children, or other people or a mortgage depending on the income except me,” she said.

“But I am scared and annoyed that it’s happened.

“When will my money be paid?”

This case of Warwick Queensland Health employee financial insecurity is not isolated. A Queensland Health spokesman confirmed two nurses had been underpaid on Thursday, but when pressed further admitted a further two Warwick Hospital employees had not been paid at all.

“At this time, Queensland Health is aware of two Warwick employees who have indicated they have received no money in this pay period,” the spokesman said.

“Employees who have not been paid or have been underpaid are encouraged to contact their line managers so resolution can immediately occur.

“Significant progress has been made towards stabilising the new payroll system, however, Queensland Health realises there is still work to be done.

“We are making every effort to stabilise the payroll system.

“Manual payments for the two Warwick nurses who were underpaid in this week’s pay run have been made.”

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