How local places got their name

Extract Warwick Daily News, Thursday, April 13, 1939

CONSIDERABLE progress has been made in the past few months by the Queensland Place Names Committee in its research into the nomenclature of the various districts of the state.

Bulletin No. 6, of the committee, which is under the chairmanship of Professor H. Alcock, M.A., of the University of Queensland, and with Mr Sydney May, of the university of Queensland, as secretary, published the following results of further research work in the Warwick and Goondiwindi districts, the information having been supplied by Messrs. W. A. Millward and Donald Gunn, respectively: -


Condamine. - Named by Allan Cunningham on June 5, 1827 as a compliment to Captain T. de la Condamine, private secretary to Governor Darling. Condamine township is situated about 25 miles south from Miles on the river.

Cottonvale. - A township on the southern railway, 187 miles from Brisbane and 11 miles from Stanthorpe, also the junction of the Amiens branch railway. It was named after an orchardist named Cotton.

Dalveen. - A township and district on the southern railway, 185 miles from Brisbane. Named after a pass on the border of Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Danderoo. - Farming settlement on the Killarney branch railway, nine miles from Killarney. The native name was Tanderoo, "a place of murder," so called from a massacre of blacks in the neighbourhood.

Darling Downs. - Named by Allan Cunningham in June 1827, as a compliment to Governor Sir Ralph Darling. Its northern and eastern boundaries are the Great Dividing Range, the southern boundary is a line from the McIntyre River crossing the south-east railway between Talwood and Gradule and the western line between Jackson and Yuleba until its meets the Great Dividing Range 20 miles north of the railway.

Dumaresq. - A river better known a the Severn (48 miles), a tributary of the McIntyre River, named by Allan Cunningham on May 28, 1827, after the maiden name of Lady Ralph Darling.

Durikai. - A railway station on the south-western railway, 32 miles from Warwick. "Duri" is the native name for a "dense scrub."

Slade Park. - A sports park in Warwick named after Mr W. B. Slade, C.B.E., who gave the property, which is controlled by the trustees of the Zingari Cricket Club.


Pratten. - Named after surveyor G. L. Pratten, who surveyed sections of Warwick in 1859.

Gore. - Named after St George R. Gore, who was the first member for Warwick in 1860.

Guy. - Named after Sir Guy of Warwick. The series is to be continued

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