How to party like Harty

GREAT Britain may be holding its own, in terms of Olympic medals - but when it comes to celebrating, man mountain Robert Harting can teach them a thing or two about style.

Unlike many English athletes,the 6ft 7in discus champion didn't bother shedding a tear when he took gold with a mammoth throw.

Instead, he tore his shirt off Incredible Hulk style, flexed his muscles with a mighty roar and grabbed a German flag from the Olympic stadium. Then he tried his luck at another gold medal, this time in the women's hurdles. The track had already been set up for the women's 100 metre final but Harting wasn't going to let the hurdles become barriers to his victory lap.

So despite his 20 stone bulk (127 kgs), he jumped nearly all of them, cheered on by a delighted crowd in the 80,000 seat stadium. Next, he raced towards the Olympic cauldron, reached in, and attempted unsuccessfully to liberate one of the flaming prongs.

Finished now Herr Harting? Er, not quite. After leaving the stadium he headed out with friends and team-mates for a night to remember. If only he could.

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