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HOW TO: Get tested for COVID in Warwick

This week’s sudden outbreak of COVID cases and snap lockdown across the Greater Brisbane area has left many Warwick community members scrambling to get tested for the virus.

I myself was one of those Rose City residents struggling to find up-to-date information on where and how to get tested, after visiting Brisbane for a training course only 48 hours before the lockdown was announced.

Having now undergone the testing process first-hand, here’s everything you need to know about being tested for COVID in Warwick:


Virus testing is available at the Condamine Medical Centre’s fever clinic on Guy St (8.30am - 4pm weekdays), Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology on Wood St (open 7am - 4.15pm weekdays), and the Warwick Hospital drive-through site on Locke St (8am -5.30pm weekdays).

Residents must call the Condamine Medical Centre to make an appointment at either of the facility’s testing sites. No booking is necessary at the hospital drive-through, but residents are encouraged to call ahead if displaying COVID or flu symptoms.


The test itself was quick and easy. Having the back of your throat and both nostrils swabbed was by no means pleasant, but it was over and done with in a few seconds with no lasting discomfort.

Warwick’s quick and easy COVID test gets a thumbs up from Daily News journo Jessica Paul.
Warwick’s quick and easy COVID test gets a thumbs up from Daily News journo Jessica Paul.


Anyone tested at a public facility will receive a text or call with their results, or can otherwise have them directed to their general practitioner.

Queensland Health advises waiting 36 to 48 hours before calling Pathology Queensland on 1800 472 847 to follow up on your result.


The two major outbreaks in the Brisbane area earlier this week have pushed the state’s active case total to 71, with a person being treated at Toowoomba Hospital the only case within the Darling Downs Health region.

Darling Downs and West Moreton Primary Health Network CEO Merrilyn Strohfeldt said the growing number of COVID cases was driving a similar spike in Warwick testing rates.

“We are really pleased to see an increase in testing numbers at our GP respiratory clinics over the past few days, which shows that the community are really listening to the advice from Queensland Health and getting tested,” she said.

“The respiratory clinics are also testing people who have attended any of the locations on Queensland Health’s contact tracing website, even if they have no symptoms.”

A Darling Downs Health spokeswoman urged anyone displaying even mild COVID symptoms to get tested as quickly as possible.

Nearly 400 doses of the COVID vaccine have now been administered across the Southern Downs, with 245 at Warwick Hospital and 142 at Stanthorpe Hospital.

Residents must carry a face mask at all times outside their homes and limit private gatherings to 30 people under statewide restrictions currently in place until 5pm on Thursday.

Anyone who has visited the Greater Brisbane area since March 20 must participate in the lockdown, only leaving their homes for groceries, medical appointments, exercise, and essential work duties.

For more information on testing, contact the Condamine Medical Centre on (07) 4666 9666 or Warwick Hospital on (07) 4660 3900.


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