ACCELER8 Rebecca White said Warwick women got a
ACCELER8 Rebecca White said Warwick women got a "gold star” for their engagement with the business community. Bianca Hrovat

How Warwick businesswomen can get free financial assistance

BEHIND many successful Warwick businesses are strong, hard-working women.

For the owner of Johanna Zolg Photography, building a business, up with two young children in tow, hasn't been easy.

"I don't have the time to invest in my education and work on my business,” Johanna Zolg said.

"With the little ones I'm only able to begin work at 8pm.”

Miss Zolg said that precious time was spent developing her business, leaving her at a loss when it came to finances.

"I know it isn't rocket science, but I have no clue about balancing cash flow,” she said.

"It's really something I want to learn about because I want to see on paper whether the business is doing well or not.”

It is a common concern among Warwick businesswomen, with 58 attendees packing the room at Coachman Inn for Acceler8's free financial literacy workshop on Wednesday.

Miss Zolg said she wasn't surprised by the big turn out as she'd noticed many Warwick businesses are run by women.

"Women here are at the forefront,” she said.

Acceler8 employee Rebecca White said many women enter the business world to follow their passions, then later realise they don't fully understand the figures.

"These women are really great at running a restaurant or a farm,” she said.

"But at no point has anyone taught them about numbers so they have to rely on instinct.”

Acceler8 aims to improve the lives of business owners by helping them to make strategic decisions based on an understanding of numbers rather than gut feeling.

"We have thousands of success stories from women who have learned how to implement financial strategies and turn their businesses around,” Mrs White said.

Miss Zolg said she learned a lot from the session.

The program, funded by the Queensland Government's initiative for advancing women in business, encouraged Warwick women to pay themselves a proper salary.

"More often than not we find women aren't giving themselves a wage based on their market value,” Mrs White said.

"Women need to realise how much it would cost to replace them in their business.”

While the team from Acceler8 was blown away by Rose City's enthusiasm, they were saddened to see the toll of drought on local business.

"We city slickers understand that it's tough in the country but it's not until you're actually here that you really get it,” Mrs White said.

The 10-stage online business course offered by Acceler8 usually costs $595, with the government subsidy bringing the price down to $265.

"But we want to help so we've decided to make it free for everyone that attended today,” Mrs White said.

For more information visit Acceler8's website at

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