Tim Hentschel suitably rugged up at Kala Patar, which at an altitude of 5800 metres is the best view point for Mount Everest, towering in the background.
Tim Hentschel suitably rugged up at Kala Patar, which at an altitude of 5800 metres is the best view point for Mount Everest, towering in the background.

Itchy feet keep Tim moving

IN another time he may have partnered Marco Polo across Asia, Francis Drake around the world or a little closer to Aussie hearts, Captain James Cook.

But in recent times Allora’s Tim Hentschel is your modern globetrotting adventurer, having visited 29 countries around this big world.

On Good Friday, the 25-year-old son of Allora business owners Glenn and Margaret Hentschel heads for the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands to be precise, in his next travel escapade.

Outside of the usual holiday trips with his family growing up in the small rural community, the former Allora State School student had not been bitten by the travel bug.

But an opportunity to visit elder brother Ross in England in 2004 resulted in an itch that has had Tim travelling the globe since.

As an adventurous 21-year-old in April 2007, Tim headed to Turkey for three weeks, the first stage of a trip that would see him away from home for 17 months.

A particular attraction in Turkey was to attend the Anzac Day commemoration at Gallipoli.

For Tim his April 25th visit to ANZAC Cove, will remain among the most moving and proud moments he will experience.

From one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world, Tim headed for the mother country, taking up residence in London until September 2008.

He wasn’t short on local faces in the “Old Dart”, Allora friends Anissa Stevens, Vicki Sparksman, Alanna Chandler and Emma Vivian also enjoying life in Britain.

Based in London as he was, further travel through Europe was obvious. A fortnight in Spain saw our traveller visit the Valencian town of Bunol, taking part in the Festival Tomatina, a famous event that has truckloads of tomatoes dumped in the town’s narrow streets and travellers from around the world taking part in a tomato throwing free for all.

Then it was back “home” to Fulham, before visiting Wales in September 2007.

He managed to see the Australian “Wallabies” deal out a 32 – 20 hiding to Wales among a sell-out crowd of at Cardiff’s magnificent Millennium Stadium during the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

The intrepid traveller was back at Heathrow Airport in December 2007, jetting off for a three-week stay in Canada and the US. This included a white Christmas in Canada and a link-up with Allora friends Jon and Tim Gleeson.

Soon after returning to London it wasn’t long before he added Ireland to his list of “conquered” countries.

Tim was off again in August, firstly for a fortnight wandering and sailing around Croatia, and then three weeks exploring the mysteries of Egypt.

To mark the special life experience Tim called his sister Gretta for her birthday while standing on one of the pyramids, structures that have existed for thousands of years, that remain one of the most beautiful and complex mysteries of the modern world.

After the Egyptian expedition, the globe trotter embarked on a month long European tour, heading off to experience Greece, Poland and Germany, as well as Amsterdam in Holland, a city that Tim considered a real “eye opener”.

By October 2008 it was time to point the compass towards Allora, but not before a week stop-over in Hong Kong with friends met abroad.

In April 2009 he again bid Allora farewell jetting off for a four-month work experience in Ireland.

Alas, work opportunities were tight given the Irish recession at the time, however he landed a novel job at an adventure farm at Navan, an hour north of Dublin.

The travel bug was biting by August and the wallet suitably packed, so it was off on a five-week bus tour with three friends, this time taking in the wonders of France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Belgium.

With the budget looking a little ragged, Tim was considering heading back to the “Best Little Town on the Downs” when he was lured in to cruising the Greek Islands for three months as a marine maintenance engineer/caretaker, bobbing around the Mediterranean off Greece 24 hours a day with two other crew members.

In November last year he decided to head off the “beaten track” as such, heading to Katmandu in central Asia and embarking on a 17-day group expedition.

The trip saw him exploring the landscapes and cultures in an area known as the “roof of the world”, and climbing 5800 metres to the base camp used by those attempting an ascent of Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak.

After returning home to rejuvenate in the crisp Darling Downs air, Allora’s own adventurer jets off again this week for a six-month stint in the Greek Islands.

He will be back in his skipper/engineer/ caretaker role in a yacht weaving among the Greek Islands with holiday makers aboard.

Au revoir Tim, we’ll see him for Christmas later this year, but don’t think for one minute Allora’s own adventurer hasn’t already considered the next of many challenges that are beckoning.

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