Brunswick Valley rescue, and Police,  getting ready at Cosy Corner, on Tallow Beach, Byron Bay. Photo : Mireille Merlet-Shaw/The Northern Star
Brunswick Valley rescue, and Police, getting ready at Cosy Corner, on Tallow Beach, Byron Bay. Photo : Mireille Merlet-Shaw/The Northern Star Mireille Merlet-Shaw

'It's been hell': Mum recalls anguish of son's cliff fall

UPDATE 12.43PM: 15-year-old boy, Connor Goodrick who was rescued after falling from Cape Byron Headland two weeks ago is making 'incredible progress'.

Connor's mother and Byron Bay resident Kim Goodrick shared a Facebook update about her Son's recovery.

Yesterday our son came off the ventilator and is now intermittently talking and thanking the incredible nurses that work in ICU at the Gold Coast University Hospital! Luckily, he can't remember the accident, and is now resting. Today, I would like to thank the Doctor, Paramedic, Pilot and whole team of the Westpac Helicopter Service based in Lismore NSW. Without their incredible response and skills, our darling son wouldn't be alive today. The staff of Lismore Base Hospital have started this Go Fund Me page for the Westpac Helicopter to purchase a special piece of intubation equipment which is suitable for ventilating paediatric patients and young adults. Together we can, and will, be able to improve the safety for our kids by erecting signage at Cosy Corner, and also by having the necessary equipment available if one of our darling children is injured. Many thanks again for your support at this incredibly difficult time - Kim Goodrick

Ms Goodrick also shared a post on the Brunswick Valley Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) Facebook page commending them for their work.

Today our 15 year old son who fell off the cliff at Cape Byron two weeks ago is being completely disconnected from all IV hook ups, and will be moved to the Paediatric Ward and Rehab (probably in Brisbane) in the next few days. This is such incredible progress, we can hardly believe it ourselves. Today, I would like to thank an organisation that I never knew existed until 2 weeks ago - the Brunswick Valley Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA). This group of volunteers assisted in rescuing Connor's friend by abseiling down a dangerous cliff to retrieve him after he spent 3 hours clinging to the side of the cliff with the ground beneath him crumbling away. They also provided important information to the Westpac Helicopter and Emergency Services. According to newspaper reports, the VRA have performed 3/4 rescues per year at Cape Byron - and they do it all for the love of their community. If anyone knows the names of this incredible group of people, could you please tag them in the comments below, so that I can thank them personally? Also, some local businesses have been kindly donating things to us for a raffle/ silent auction which will be held towards the end of this year. There are some incredible prizes and all proceeds will go directly to the VRA, so watch this space! - Kim Goodrick.


ORIGINAL: A MOTHER whose son is fighting for life in hospital after falling from Cape Byron headland is calling for better signage to alert people to the possible dangers.

Byron Shire resident Kim Goodrick's 15-year-old son was walking along Tallows Beach at Byron Bay with a friend on March 23 when the two boys decided to climb the headland.

"They weren't intending to do anything reckless or dangerous," Ms Goodrick said.

"They walked up Tallow Beach and they followed a goat track which is sometimes used by fisherman.

"I understand it's a particularly deceptive track from the beach. It looks like an easy walk but until you're on the walk you realise there's noway back, the only way to go forward is to climb higher."

The teen fell from the headland and was rescued by Westpac Life Saving Helicopter and taken to Gold Coast University Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition in ICU.

"He's still heavily sedated he has opened his eyes but not focussing," Ms Goodrick said.

"He's moving, which is an absolute blessing. We're in a much better position than we were a few days ago."

Days after the accident, Ms Goodrick put a call out on social media in the hopes people would sign her online petition to get signs put up along the track to alert people of the potential dangers.

"I've been speaking to the police, who told me about the number of rescues at that point," she said.

"There's been at least three rescues in the last nine months.

"This isn't something that is new, it's something that has been known and not only is it putting our visitors and locals at risk but also our volunteers and emergency services to putting their life on the line."

With more than 1000 signatures gained, Ms Goodrick hopes the appropriate government department will step up and put signs around the area.

"It's not actually clear who has the responsibility of the area, but we think it's the National Parks Department which is state run," Ms Goodrick said.

"I've been in contact in (Ballina MP) Tamara Smith, who has written to the department asking for an urgent inquiry into why there haven't been any signs put in place.

"But there could be a kind of council overlap, so I don't want anyone to pass the buck.

"If they can't agree who should erect the signs, put up three signs."

Ms Goodrick, who works with businesses to address risk management procedures, said it was important signs were put in place sooner rather than later.

"I do think most people aren't natural risk takers, but we need to get signs put up as soon as possible," she said.

"I would hate this to happen someone else, it's been hell."

To sign the petition, visit here.

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