Watch live as PM Scott Morrison joins to answer all your biggest vaccine questions ahead of our national roll out.
Watch live as PM Scott Morrison joins to answer all your biggest vaccine questions ahead of our national roll out.

WATCH LIVE: Jab could get green light in 'weeks'

Aussie PM Scott Morrison is on hand tonight to answer all your COVID jab questions.

Mr Morrison and Secretary of the Department of Health Professor Brendan Murphy will be going live on's Facebook page tonight to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

From 7.30pm (AEDT)'s national political editor Samantha Maiden will conduct a live interview with Mr Morrison and Mr Murphy, who will answer any concerns or queries you might have regarding the vaccine.

While most of us are keen to return to normality and leave the pandemic behind us, millions are hesitant to get the jab.

Our Best Shot is's campaign answering your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine roll out.

We are debunking myths about vaccines and answering your concerns about the jab, with the first doses expected to be rolled out by the end of February.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Will you get vaccinated? has already put a call out to readers to submit the questions they want answered and there was one question that popped up repeatedly: "Will I be able to choose which vaccine I receive?"

We've looked into everything from potential side effects, roll out details, herd immunity, anti-vaxxer hotspots, local production of the jab, common vaccine fears, the Aussies least likely to vaccinate and everything in between.

Are there any other questions you want answered? You'll have your chance tonight.


Side effects 'relatively mild'

Alexis Carey

Prof Kelly said it wasn't necessary to take a day off after the second jab as the "vast majority of people tolerate the vaccine very well".

He said while there might be some local symptoms at the vaccine site, or some mild "short-lived side effects" like a headache, they "won't be too bad" for most of us.

PM, Prof Murphy vow to get jab

Alexis Carey

Prof Murphy said he would be "lining up with great enthusiasm" to get the coronavirus vaccine, while Mr Morrison said he would happily get the jab.

"I think it's very important that I personally get it to show that this is something we should do," Mr Morrison said.

"I'm in favour of vaccines and Australia has a very high vaccine rate."

When can we travel again?

Alexis Carey

The PM refused to be drawn on when we might be able to jet off on our next overseas holiday.

But we did get a pretty big clue.

"I can't give you an estimate on that, I think what's really important through this pandemic…I've been upfront about what we do know and what we don't know, and we make decisions based on what we do know," he said.

"At this point, I can't give any timetable on that and it would be unwise to do so.

"I'm not going to lead people on."

But Prof Murphy tentatively indicated we might get some good news later in 2021.

"I think if we have really good efficacy with the vaccine and we see recommendations about restrictions lessening progressively in the second half of this year, beyond that I wouldn't want to make a prediction," he said.

Jab could get green light in 'weeks'

Alexis Carey

Prof Murphy said the TGA would likely give its approval to the AstraZeneca vaccine in the coming weeks.

"We don't rush the regulatory authority, it goes through an independent, absolutely rigid process and I don't try to influence it at all," he said.

"I hope by the end of the month and I hope within a couple of weeks we'll get regulation on AstraZeneca."

PM blasts 'amateur commentary'

Alexis Carey

Responding to a question on transmission, Mr Morrison said: "There's amateur commentary on a whole range of things."

He said he listened to the experts, adding: "I don't speculate. Only the medical opinion is relevant."

Mr Morrison said "we think we've got a good strategy, we're rolling out two really good vaccines initially".

"I mean we have got 140 million doses that we've provided for here in Australia, and that's enough to vaccinate Australia several times over.

He said vaccines taken in other countries should "have the same safety as the one taken in Australia."

"So it is important that we ensure quality and safe delivery countries as developed countries".


Best option for Australia still under review

Alexis Carey

Scott Morrison said the government had "carefully considered a range of factors for vaccines and having a strategic stake in all the types of vaccines, and particularly important has been the capacity for onshore production" which Australia has with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

"You've seen already international supply chain issues will be important," he said, after concerns over the European Union row with AstraZeneca over exports.

"We are continuing to evaluate the best vaccine supply for our country," he added.

PM slaps down rogue MP

Alexis Carey

The PM has lashed Coalition MP Craig Kelly over his bizarre coronavirus views.

He was asked by political editor Samantha Maiden why he hadn't ordered Mr Kelly to stand down weeks ago, given the controversy his comments have sparked.

"The matter is done," Mr Murphy said.

When asked if Mr Kelly would be taking his FAcebook posts down, Mr Morrison said "he was taking the actions he needed to take".

PM warns on allergies

Alexis Carey

Asked about people with allergies, the Prime Minister said the vaccines were unlikely to promote a "severe allergic reaction".

But he conceded that there had been a small number of allergic reactions with the Pfizer vaccine.

People with allergies to ingredients in the vaccines are not advised to take it.

Do both doses need to be the same vaccine?

Alexis Carey

A lot of readers have asked if both doses need to the same vaccine.


And the answer? Yes.


"All evidence suggests you're better off with the same vaccine for the second dose, that gives you the best immunity protection, so it's silly to mix and match," Prof Murphy said.


Major travel question answered

Alexis Carey

Many readers have asked why they should bother getting the jab, if boderes won't reopen immediately.

Mr Morrison said there were two key reasons to get vaccinated, which will help travel gte back on track.

"Building vaccination among the population leads to herd immunity which protects everyone - everyone is at risk of severe forms of the disease; we've had very young people affected," Mr Morrison said.

"It's in everybody's interest together over time to build up vaccination right across the country.

Prof Murphy said if the vaccines were effective, as expected, then "the sooner the population is vaccinated the sooner people will be protected…and we will return to international travel."

'It's not clear': PM's vaccine admission

Alexis Carey

PM Scott Morrison has kicked off our live chat with a warning that it's "not clear" whether the vaccine will prevent the virus transmitting from one person to another.

"At this stage, it's not clear," Mr Morrison said.

But what IS certain is that the jab will protect against very serious symptoms of the disease.

In other words, while it may or may not halt the actual spread of the disease, it will help protect us from getting seriously ill.


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Stay tuned for all the latest coronavirus vaccine updates.

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