Zachariah David Salkeld heads into court yesterday prior to his jailing.
Zachariah David Salkeld heads into court yesterday prior to his jailing.

Teen's death threats lead to jail

A TEENAGER who threatened to kill an Allora man and his daughter with an iron bar earlier this week has been jailed for four months.

Zachariah David Salkeld, aged 19, appeared in the Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday morning charged over an incident on Neale Ave at Allora late on Tuesday.

The court heard a shirtless Salkeld threatened a 35-year-old man and his 13-year-old daughter after claiming the man had insulted Salkeld’s aunts, who live locally, and spread rumours about him.

Salkeld lives with one of the aunts, with his mother residing in Brisbane, to which his lawyer yesterday said Salkeld wished to return.

He appeared in court after smashing a drinking cup in the Warwick watchhouse, apparently due to his impatience to front court.

He appeared furious when briefly taken back to the watchhouse while court paperwork was amended and goaded the police present to charge him with breaking the cup, which they duly did.

Salkeld, who has his surname tattooed on his right forearm, also caught the attention of courthouse staff yesterday thanks to his footwear, which was emblazoned with obscene words.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Steve de Lissa told the court officers were called to a Neale Ave residence by the victim of the threats, whom the police prosecutor said sounded “panicked” during the emergency call and had feared for his and his daughter’s lives.

Salkeld, who yawned his way through yesterday’s proceedings, screamed threats and obscenities outside the man’s residence and repeatedly bashed the metre-long metal bar against a nearby power pole.

By the time police arrived Salkeld had left but was soon located at a nearby house.

He pleaded guilty to making threats intended to cause fear and going armed in public, also pleading guilty to similar charges arising from an ugly incident on Percy St in Warwick on the night of March 11.

The court heard Salkeld was at a party at a residence with his girlfriend, who at one point went off with another male.

Salkeld located the pair in a nearby laneway after an apparent sexual encounter and later threatened his girlfriend with a carving knife.

The cuckolded Salkeld stood in the street screaming expletives and death threats, attracting the attention of terrified neighbours who called the police.

He was handcuffed and placed in a padded cell at the watchhouse, where he continued to be volatile.

Snr Const de Lissa handed up a two-page history on Salkeld to Magistrate Anne Thacker, who noted numerous entries for similar threats, along with robbery.

She also noted Salkeld had breached numerous bail and probation conditions and often failed to appear in court.

Duty lawyer Phillip Crook, for Salkeld, said his client needed “anger management” counselling and asked that if sentenced to imprisonment Salkeld be released on immediate parole.

Ms Thacker agreed that Salkeld needed help with his anger but would have to access it in prison, which she said was the “only safe place for you to be at present”.

“You have made numerous death threats, along with going armed in public and a person who behaves in that way needs to be removed from the community for a period,” she told Salkeld.

He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, to be released on parole after serving four, on July 27.

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