SOPHIE Monk has been lashed by the latest eliminated contestant on The Bachelorette who decided to go rogue in an ugly exit from the competition.

"Seriously, she gives me that bullshit f*cking answer? F*ck this," Blake told cameras while walking away from a tense exchange with Sophie after his elimination on Thursday night.

Blake lashes Sophie in an ugly exit from The Bachelorette.
Blake lashes Sophie in an ugly exit from The Bachelorette.

This is the moment we've been waiting for over the past five weeks: A contestant going rogue. They're not as common as they are among the ladies on The Bachelor. So when one of the boys decides to get nasty, it comes as a delicious surprise.

The ugly elimination follows an intense week of home visits - where the boys' mums' interior design choices are as drastic as their haircuts.

First up, we head to Jarrod's family's winery in Gippsland. His mum has spent most of the day rehearsing how she'll open the door to greet them.


She looks friendly, but Jarrod's mum is not to be messed with. Like most mums with short haircuts, she's practical and no-nonsense.

"I HAVE TO GO PREP!" Jarrod's mum declares to the room and she demands Jarrod come help her.

"Prep for what?" Sophie innocently asks.

Jarrod's mum rolls her eyes.

"Well, we have to eat at some point," she replies passive aggressively.

My face around every potential mum-in-law
My face around every potential mum-in-law

In the kitchen, Jarrod brags to his mum that he's being totally himself and - while everyone hates him - Sophie thinks he's just terrific and he can feel it. Jarrod's mum listens to all of this while scooping caviar onto tiny crackers. She waits for the perfect moment to jump in and ruin her son's dreams of romance. But before she can, Jarrod confides in her he's fallen for Sophie and is basically in love with her.

Jarrod's mum is devastated that she no longer has complete control of her boy - and I've went to great effort to capture the moment her world falls apart.

Your opinion doesn’t matter now sorry Anne.
Your opinion doesn’t matter now sorry Anne.

"My concern is, what if you get to number three, number two, and - bang - you're gone?" she says to Jarrod. I'm not going to lie to you, Jarrod's mum, that scenario is highly likely.

It's a harsh truth both of them struggle to deal with. They stare down at the caviar canapés and

don't say anything further.

Over dinner, Jarrod's mum can't stop thinking about the conversation with her son. She has to step in.

"Sophie, come down the stairs and have a little chat?" she says.

‘What’s down the stairs, Anne?’
‘What’s down the stairs, Anne?’

At this point, I legitimately think there's a good chance Jarrod's mum is going to push Sophie down the stairs and then return to the dinner table and tell the group, "Sophie decided to go on a little ... trip," while giggling to herself.

But the reality is much worse.

Anne takes Sophie underground to a dungeon. Sophie puts on a brave face as she wraps a Burberry blanket around her body and looks for an escape route.

When you’re about to get murdered but you still wanna look chic.
When you’re about to get murdered but you still wanna look chic.

Jarrod's mum demands to know what Sophie is planning with the remaining boys and who she's going to choose. But Sophie stays strong.

"I can't," she says firmly.

Anne is perturbed.

"So, we just have to go through the anxious weeks - whatever - and ... wait. Don't we?" she says, rolling her eyes and pursing her lips. Anne commits the ultimate passive aggressive move: Making an annoyed statement about something you're doing and then asking you to agree with how annoying it is.

We get it, Anne, you’re pas-ag.
We get it, Anne, you’re pas-ag.

Suddenly, Sophie escapes and runs out to the driveway. Jarrod runs after her to declare his true feelings. "I have fallen in love with you!" he calls out to Sophie as she runs through the vineyard and into the dark.

The following day, we find ourselves on Sophie's home turf of the Gold Coast where she's feeling super confident and chill. Until Apollo shares an important warning.

"Grandma's a shit-stirrer," he says.

Grandma Ellie: Stirrin’ shit since 1917.
Grandma Ellie: Stirrin’ shit since 1917.

"Apollo, don't jump into anything quick. You got to give plenty of thinking," grandma Ellie tells Apollo in a wise, croaky voice like a mystical character from Harry Potter.

She then death-stares Sophie from beneath her wispy bangs.

Soon, we're back in Sydney and Stu is dropping bombshells that aren't really bombshells.

He tries to distract Sophie with a boat and seafood, before revealing that his divorce hasn't quite been finalised yet and he's also had a vasectomy.

Producers think we'll be shocked by this but we're all like, "Guys, this was in NW weeks ago and we've already come to terms with it."

Anyway, we get off the boat and head over to Stu's family home. Immediately, we're disappointed. Stu's the heir to a $500 million fortune and I want to see inside his rich dad's estate. I want an old-money Sydney trophy home. Maybe something in Bellevue Hill or on the lower North Shore. Instead, we pull up out the front of his sister's shack. It's very disappointing.

Anyway, Stu's sisters ask Sophie why she stood their brother up when they first met a year ago and Sophie says it's because she "thought he was a douche" and the sisters are shocked but then Stu's dad says, "Nah, he is," and it's all good.

TBH there’s a good chance Stu’s dad misheard what Sophie said and he may not even know where he is.
TBH there’s a good chance Stu’s dad misheard what Sophie said and he may not even know where he is.

Over in Perth for Blake's home town visit, we meet Blake's mum. Producers tell her she needs to act super surprised when Blake and Sophie walk in and, honestly, the woman just F-ing nails it.

I’ve got nothing else to say.
I’ve got nothing else to say.

Anyway, as Sophie and Blake walk inside, he turns to her and says he's got her back. He assures her if anyone in his family goes too far, he'll jump in.

Moments later, over chicken schnitzels, Blake's mum and sister go rapid-fire with blunt questions.


Blake doesn't jump in. He doesn't stop them like he promised. Sophie dreams of the days where she thought the worst thing that could happen on these home visits was getting locked in Jarrod's mum's cellar in rural Victoria.

Sophie doesn't know how to respond to Blake's mum. So she drinks.

As she makes her way back to Sydney, Sophie weighs everything up. She imagines her life with each of the remaining four boys - and tries to picture herself being apart of their families.

Can she tolerate Jarrod's mum making passive aggressive comments about everything she does and locking her in the family cellar each Christmas? Will she be able to figure out a diplomatic way to tell Blake his mum's personality is as manic as her hairstyle?

And how will she cope as the stepmum to Stu's four daughters? At first it will be chaos and she won't know what to do, but then she'll prove everyone wrong and come out on top as a terrific mother like Kate Hudson in Raising Helen.

Back at the mansion, there's no time to waste. Sophie's made her choice and she wants to get this rose ceremony over with.

Jarrod and Apollo both get roses and we're left with Stu and Blake. Sophie doesn't hesitate and gives Stu the final rose.

Blake is speechless. He walks toward Sophie and she takes him out to the patio. She smiles, trying to make small talk but he's not interested.

"You fine?" she asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he mumbles. "Well, not really. I dunno. I'm just speechless. I don't really know what to say. At all."

Blake is quietly fuming and stares at Sophie with contempt.

Sophie wanted this elimination to be simple. She didn't want it to get ugly and she certainly didn't want anyone to get their feelings hurt. But Blake's looking for a fight and Sophie's willing to throw a punch.

"I need your backing. I really do. And those sorts of guys in there, I know they've got my back," she hits back at him.

"I've told you I've had your back!" Blake insists, but Sophie cuts him off.

"You can tell it - but you've got to show it. That's the difference," she says.

Blake isn't great at arguing and he's desperate to have the final word.

"I don't really have anything else to say, hey. Have fun with the other boys. Ciao," he snips before whipping around and walking through the dark garden toward the waiting car.

His tirade continues to the Uber driver.

"Seriously, she gives me that bullshit f*cking answer? F*ck this. Apparently I didn't protect her. That's just BS," he tells the driver - but the statements are all out of context and the driver doesn't really know how to reply.

Watching Blake go rogue following this elimination is unexpected and thrilling and takes me to a level of excitement that is so familiar. Incredibly familiar. But I can't put my finger on it.

Oh, that's right.

Footage of me getting super F-ing excited watching Blake go rogue.
Footage of me getting super F-ing excited watching Blake go rogue.

For more observations on wispy bangs and Burberry blankets, follow me on Twitter: @hellojamesweir

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