Stalker's pedophilia claims, threats to kill ex's boyfriend

JUST hours after leaving prison for setting fire to the car of his ex-girlfriend's new lover, this man began terrorising her with a series of chilling calls and text messages.

Over a period of three and a half months, the man - who can't be named - sent about 100 messages to his victim and called her numerous times, a court heard.

He yesterday pleaded guilty to single counts of stalking and obstructing police.

The ex-heroin addict threatened to have his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend killed, claimed the man was a pedophile and warned he "knew people with guns".

He also messaged her after she'd been to the police station, saying he saw her leave the building.

While the facts of the case were being read to the Maroochydore Magistrates Court, the man - who appeared via video link from custody - repeatedly interrupted both the police prosecutor and his lawyer, yelling "why do the police lie so much?" and "show me the proof".

Defence lawyer Ben Rynderman told the the court while the crimes involved "jealously and obsession", his client had never committed any act of "personal violence" and he'd never directly threatened the woman.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin sentenced the man to a head sentence of 18 months imprisonment with a parole release date after six months to run concurrently with his current term for arson.

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