LOCAL LEGEND: Warwick icon Jenny Harrington was moved to a nursing home in Millmerran last month.
LOCAL LEGEND: Warwick icon Jenny Harrington was moved to a nursing home in Millmerran last month. Candyce Braithwaite

Jenny settles in to new home at Yallambee Hostel

IT'S been about a month since Rose City icon Jenny Harrington left Warwick Hospital for Yallambee Hostel in Millmerran.

Clinical manager of the nursing home Margaret Williams said Ms Harrington was settling in well and delighted staff and residents alike.

"Her mobility isn't what it used to be but she seems happy enough," Mrs Williams said.

"She comes out of her room and she sits at the table with two gentlemen and a lady to have all her meals.

"She's a nice lady and so easy to care for because she's not demanding at all.

"The staff spoil her and she's just gorgeous. She's a delight and we'd love to keep her here."

Without a family, it is unclear when Ms Harrington will be able to return home to Warwick.

Mrs Williams said the nursing home staff were unaware of Ms Harrington's legacy in the Rose City when she first arrived at the hostel, but phone calls and letters were soon flooding in.

"We've had quite a lot of people call up to see how she is," she said.

"We didn't know about her legacy - we knew nothing about her and then we read in the paper that she was a local icon.

"At the moment she's in the care of a public guardian, so they're still trying to work out what they're going to do with her.

"She's in respite with us so if something comes up they'll probably look at transferring her.

"As much as we love having her here, we want her to be happy as well."

Ms Harrington's friend and long-time carer Vince Hemmings made the trip out to Millmerran with wife Patti earlier this month.

"She seemed happy when I went out there," Mr Hemmings said.

" I thought she might have wanted to come home but when we got out there she had a big smile and she was okay for us to leave when the time came.

"They've got a dog out there that she looks after because she loves animals.

"She looked quite healthy - she's being fed meals properly and being bathed every day, and it's really only the pain in her hip that's just deteriorated with age that means she's not very mobile."

Despite Ms Harrington being happy for the time being, Mr Hemmings said bringing her home to Warwick remained the ultimate goal.

"She wants to come back to Warwick, that's natural, but they're looking after her out there," he said.

"She's had a few letters and cards sent out to her, so it's fantastic people are still thinking of her. Just after New Year's I'll go out and see her again - it's only that it's so far away is the trouble, but we'll get her home one day."

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