Professor John Rolfe
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Jobs had to go: professor

THE jobs had to go.

That is according to Professor John Rolfe, a professor in regional development economics at CQUniversity, who believes potential job losses from local and state governments are a painful but necessary correction.

This week details emerged that Rockhampton Regional Council would shed 75 jobs.

This follows the Queensland Government's statewide slashing of public service temporary appointments, with potentially more to follow soon.

"Over the past half-decade, public sector employment and indirect employment on consultants has continued to grow strongly, while the rest of the economy has contracted since the global financial crises in 2008," Prof Rolfe said.

"While public sector growth and spending has had some stabilising effects on the economy, continued growth in public sector employment above the underlying rate of growth in the economy comes at the cost of higher taxes and charges."

But while the thought of hundreds of jobs being lost in the Central Queensland region might seem bad news, Prof Rolfe said large job losses had been absorbed before, such as the downturn in the meat processing sector in Rockhampton when the closure of the Lakes Ck works saw more than 1300 job losses in 2002, with little slowdown in the economy after that.

"While no two downturns are the same, there is potential for the ongoing strength of the regional economy, particularly around the resources sector, to soak up many of the job losses."


Where the jobs are going

75 jobs to go from Rockhampton Regional Council.

41,000 temporary positions expected to go from the Queensland Public Service statewide.

Neither confirmation nor denial on permanent positions.

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