Junabee pair celebrates 70 years united

GOING STRONG: Earlier this month, Junabee couple Beryl and Doug Coy celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.
GOING STRONG: Earlier this month, Junabee couple Beryl and Doug Coy celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Jonno Colfs

THEY were just teenagers when they met, but this month, as Doug and Beryl Coy celebrate 70 years of married life, it has emerged their first meeting wasn't exactly the romantic thunderbolt one might expect.

"I was just a kid,” Mrs Coy said.

"I didn't even notice him.”

But notice him she did a few years later at a dance in Freestone.

"We used to look forward to those dances so much,” Mrs Coy said.

"That's all there was for us to do in those days, that and the pictures.”

Mr Coy said the couple met again when they were a bit older, shortly after the Second World War ended.

"We started going out and did for 18 months,” he said.

"When I met Beryl she was working on a dairy, milking cows.

"I had cows on my farm at Junabee, but she said she wouldn't marry me until I got rid of them.

"So I got rid of the cows in June 1947, and we married on October 8, 1947.”

The couple tied the knot at the Warwick Wesleyan Methodist Church on the corner of Guy and Grafton Streets.

The church was later moved brick by brick to Scots PGC, making way for the Rose City Shoppingworld complex in the late 1990s.

The couple moved in Doug's farmhouse on Roona Rd, the house he was born in and the house the couple still call home today.

Along came four children, which led to 16 grandchildren and then 35 great-grandchildren.

"That's what you can do in 70 years,” Mr Coy said.

"It's been a great innings, we've done a lot of different things along the way.”

The pair love their garden and once upon a time, mealtimes consisted mainly of foods they'd grown themselves.

"I had to learn to give and take,” Mr Coy said.

"We were brought up to work things out, you don't give up as soon as there's a hurdle.”

Mrs Coy said she had been raised to take care of the man of the house.

"It was bred into me that I should have dinner ready, and the man came first,” she said.

"But over time I started to show him where the kitchen was.

"Just this week I showed him how to make pancakes.”

Mrs Coy said neither of them wanted to lose the other.

"We're great mates and we've been surrounded by family our whole lives,” she said.

"We enjoy each other's company and we have the same interests. It's been a wonderful life together.”

These days the pair have lots of visitors as family and friends flow through their home.

They sit, relax and enjoy life.

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