The Morgan three-wheeler.
The Morgan three-wheeler.

Just tri to avoid grabbing attention at RACQ MotorFest

POLISHED to perfection, the gleaming three-wheel Morgan ready to take pride of place at next month's RACQ MotorFest bears no scars from its chequered past.

But this 1929 Morgan Super Sports vehicle, with virtually all its original features intact, has come a long way since its early life in Malaysia, living through years of both glory and subterfuge.

Its once glittering racing days in the Malay Grand Prix were brought to an abrupt end with the start of the Second World War at the end of the 1930s.

As the Japanese advanced, the Morgan was covered in aircraft oil and buried deep underground, to ensure its safety.

It didn't see the light of day until the end of the war in 1945.

Current owners Christine and Greg Stevens, were unaware of the Morgan's history when they bought it in 2001. By this stage it had been transported to Australia, passed through several owners' hands - including the late entrepreneur Robert Holmes à Court - and twice restored.

The unusual design of the car raises eyebrows and rarely does a moment pass on the roads when the Stevenses don't receive a smile, a toot or a wave.

"If you're driving a Hyundai or a Golf, no one notices you. But if you're driving a different car it starts a conversation," Christine said.

On July 13 they will be puttering to RACQ MotorFest at Brisbane's Eagle Farm Racecourse, to join hundreds of other car enthusiasts who will be exhibiting their classic, rare, vintage and sports cars.

Entry is $2 per person but free for children under three. Funds raised will go to the RACQ rescue helicopter network.

See the MotorFest webpage at for more information.

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