BOB Katter says his controversial campaign video, featuring him shooting two men, was approved well two weeks before the Orlando shooting.

Mr Katter engaged in a fiery interview with David Koch on Sunrise this morning.

The Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has drawn fire after releasing the election ad in which he 'shoots two men dead'.

The video, which has had almost 17,000 views on YouTube, was uploaded two days ago.

The men, who wear stockings over their heads symbolise the two major parties - the ALP and the LNP.

Despite widespread criticism over the ad's timing - two days after the worst mass shooting in US history, Katter went on 2GB and later Sunrise. 

"This was cleared, I saw the rushes, a week or two weeks ago. It was cleared,'' Mr Katter told David Koch.

"The Betoota Advocate, an absolutely magnificent satirical comedy group had to go back south, put the rushes together and get it out.

"We asked them to do it as soon as humanly possible. So as far as I was concerned it was cleared week or two weeks ago so that emphasises the hypocrisy of the attacks being made here."

Mr Koch continued to quiz Mr Katter over the timing of the video.

Koch: "Just shooting a couple of people in a video, don't you think that crosses the line?"

Katter: "I though it was screamingly funny, and David you don't realise how stupid your remark is with all due respect. Let me finish please, you've tried to cut me off four times.

"A Nestle milk boy ad is almost identical, we're going to go and ban all the Nestle milk boy ads are we?" 

Koch: "You could have said 'let's not show it now' in the week of the massacre of Orlando?

Katter: "The thing was cleared a week or two weeks ago ... I don't know what is going on in the media, I don't watch television, I get to bed at midnight every night, I don't see the newspapers."

Koch: "You mean you didn't know there was a shooting in Orlando?"

Katter: "I repeat to you that I get in every night at midnight and with all due respect I watch a movie if I switch the TV on which I very rarely do …

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