Flynn MP Ken O’Dowd
Flynn MP Ken O’Dowd Chris Ison

O'Dowd tells of young girl's survival during floods

FEDERAL parliament has been told of the harrowing survival of a young girl during the recent central Queensland floods, in a speech late on Wednesday by Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd.

Mr O'Dowd described how Eidsvold girl Lucy Connolly survived the raging torrent by clinging to a tree.

"She went to bed, there was heavy rain and she got up to have a look around," he said.

"The waters picked her up and threw her out of the house, down over the yard, over the fence, across the highway and over another fence. Fortunately, she ended up in a plantation of trees.

"The trees were pretty branchy and leafy and for the next five hours she clung to these trees along with a big brown snake in the same tree.

"I think they were both pretty frightened. She lived to tell the tale and it was a marvellous and miraculous escape by a very brave young lady."

But the dramatic story was a rarity among central Queensland tales, with Mr O'Dowd telling of a more common tale - the disastrous state of roads.

He spoke of holes in roads so dangerous "they could swallow a car in one go", proposing spending more money on roads in the region.

"I think, in future, we have got to spend a little bit more money on bridge ends and use more concrete instead of bitumen because, with this heavy rain, the bitumen will soon lift off and create great holes and wells in the bridge ends, which makes those bridges impassable.

"When I saw the holes that have been gouged in the sides of roads and bridges, it certainly changed my mind about driving in heavy rain."

Mr O'Dowd also thanked all the emergency services, volunteers, and residents, who had banded together, again, during recent weeks.



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