KILLARNEY was described as "Canada in Winter" after a hail storm brought 32mm rain this afternoon.

Constable Adam Fox, of Killarney police, made the observation after more than half of Killarney was covered in hail.

"The hail was between pea and marble size so I have not had reports of damage to vehicles or homes from the hail," he said.

"I had one call out when the hail blocked the drains and causes some water damage in one house. I also heard of some water damage in another house."

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Andrew Bufalino said the storm developed along the Border Ranges and was slow moving at first.

"It pushed off the Border Rangers and there was small hail but a large quantity of it in the Killarney area," he said.

Unlike many storms, it did not hit the Granite Belt on the way to Killarney.

Killarney during this afternoon's hail storm.
Killarney during this afternoon's hail storm. John Towells

At 4.30pm, the major intensity of the storm was north of Oakington.

Mr Bufalino said the storm front had largely past the Southern Downs area.

In Warwick, the heaviest rain was at 4.40pm but the rain stopped after less than a minute.

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