'Know where your kids are'

WITH monotonous regularity, police in Stanthorpe like elsewhere these days locate juveniles as young as 13 wandering the street either intoxicated or affected by liquor to some degree.

In many cases gullible parents have been fed a story by their child regarding their intended destination and plans for the evening.

While some may consider it an invasion of the child’s privacy, we encourage at least some checks to ensure you know exactly where your child is and who they are with.

Police have a duty of care to everyone, particularly intoxicated juveniles they find on the street and on all occasions we will contact parents to come and pick up their children.

On most occasions parents appreciate police actions however there are times where police receive verbal abuse from parents for looking after the welfare of their child.

Know where your kids are, who they are with and what they are doing. This will go a long way to preventing them coming to the adverse attention of police or alternatively becoming a victim of crime.

Multiple charges

A 53-year-old man was charged during the week with possessing child exploitation material. He appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court on Monday and was remanded in custody pending his trial.

Police executed a search warrant last weekend on premises in Teale Road, The Summit where they located a small quantity of cannabis, smoking utensil and also an unlicensed firearm. The 37-year-old male occupant was charged with two drug offences and an offence of possessing a weapon while unlicensed.

Two drink drivers were charged during the week. A 37-year-old man was intercepted in Bridge Street on Friday night and recorded a reading of .133 per cent while an 18-year-old man was intercepted in Lock Street on Sunday morning and recorded a reading of .058 per cent.

Both will face Stanthorpe Magistrates Court in April.

Two further traffic offenders will face court in April charged with driving while disqualified and without due care and attention.

Hoax calls not on

Police regularly receive hoax 000 calls from people who unnecessarily tie up the services of police and other emergency services personnel.

There is no helping adults who persist in making these hoax calls however police seek the assistance of parents to reinforce with their children that making hoax 000 calls is an offence and they will be charged when caught.

While many will be unaware, when the operator receives a 000 call, the initiating phone number and registered subscriber of that mobile or landline is displayed.

These details are immediately passed on to police for follow-up. People making hoax calls can expect a visit from police and may face substantial penalties.

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