TODAY Extra host Sonia Kruger gave viewers a little more information than they bargained for with an X-rated slip of the tongue during this morning's show.

Having played an adorable viral video of two babies giggling while sitting on a vibrating exercise machine, a smiling Kruger told co-host Richard Wilkins: "I wouldn't mind being able to sit on a vibrator and have a giggle."

Whoa. Wilkins and those in the studio were quick to clock the single entendre, leaving a suddenly panicked looking Kruger to stammer: "Oh, you know what I'm saying!"

Do we, Sonia?

Later in the show - with the gaffe already springing up on various online news sites - Kruger and Wilkins revisited the slip of the tongue.

"That comment of yours has created a bit of buzz online, you could say," said Wilkins.

"I swear on my life that was completely unintentional. My palms are sweating. I can't - yeah, no, unintentional. You can see by the look on my face ..." Kruger insisted.

Kruger relayed a few of the early online comments labelling her crude, awkward, X-rated - but made sure to mention her older co-host had been given a shout-out of his own.

" ... But they accuse you of being a veteran. I don't know which one is worse!"

News Corp Australia

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