L-plater caught doing 124kmh in 60 zone

AN L-plater motorcycle rider won't be getting back on his bike any time soon after clocking speeds of more than 120kmh in a 60kmh zone.

Police said the rider had his licence immediately suspended after he was nabbed travelling at 124kmh on Hogbin Dr early on Friday morning.

He was one of hundreds fined during Operation Mega Drive, a four-day highway patrol blitz of Coffs Harbour's roads.

Alarmingly, more motorists were caught driving under the influence of illicit drugs than alcohol, sparking strong warnings from police.

Coffs Harbour Highway Patrol supervisor Sergeant Jarrod Langan said 65 motorists returned a positive reading for drug-driving - a figure he described as "seriously concerning".

"It beggars belief that people are taking illicit drugs to begin with, but then getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and thinking it's okay to drive," Sgt Langan said.

"It's not only putting other motorists at risk, but the penalties are high.

"All these people will have a criminal record once convicted and the vast majority will be issued a large fine or have their licences suspended or disqualified."

Rates of speeding were also high, with 179 fines issued. The Pacific Hwy proved the hot spot.

Sgt Langan said numerous drivers were detected travelling at 90kmh in 60kmh zones through Coffs Harbour, and a number were travelling at excessive speeds near the Big Banana.

In all, 18 highway patrol cars were deployed to Coffs Harbour for the operation.

Officers performed 3112 breath tests, resulting in 12 positive readings, 536 motorists were randomly drug tested and 333 other infringement notices were issued.

One patrol car was also carrying a film crew from Channel Nine's RBT reality series, which is expected to go to air later this year.

Statewide, eight motorists died over the four-day period, bringing the 2016 road toll to 152 - 34 more than this time last year.

"Operations of this nature will continue, and we will continue to target drivers with illicit drugs in their system," Sgt Langan said.

"People need to be careful and mindful of the speed limits, especially in the town areas. It's just not worth the risk."

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