LEADER: David Crombie (right) played a leading role in rugby union across Australia.
LEADER: David Crombie (right) played a leading role in rugby union across Australia. Gerard Walsh

Leading role for a Warwick great of the sport

THE turn of the century was an interesting time.

Questions over the infamous Y2K bug were being asked and talk over the introduction of the GST increasing.

On the local front, Warwick paid tribute to the preceding 100 years, honouring a special Rose City resident who contributed to our town. These are the main stories from the Warwick Daily News on January 5, 2000.

The late Elizabeth Sterne was named Warwick's Local Person of the Century after an incredible life spent serving the local community.

Mrs Sterne was awarded the Order of the British Empire by King George VI in 1941.

She gave 70 years of service to Warwick charities and community groups after settling in Warwick in 1909 after being born in Emerald.

Warwick Hospital's first child was born on January 2, as the Rose City welcomed Claudia June Maree Graham into the world.

Killarney couple Sue and Paul Graham celebrated the birth of their second child, although they were expecting a public holiday birth.

"We really did think little Claudia might arrive on New Year's Day but she decided to wait an extra day,” Mrs Graham said.

Member for Warwick Lawrence Springborg cautioned potential mayoral and council candidates against making frivolous and vexatious claims to the CJC to bolster electoral support as March local government elections loomed.

Mr Springborg said a number of cases emerged in the lead-up to 1997 council elections, and reputations were being smudged.

"In the vast majority of these cases there was not a shred of evidence and the allegation to the CJC was specifically designed to coincide with the election date,” Mr Springborg said.

Former Warwick footballer Frank Barrett was gearing up for his second season of rugby league with Waratah Mayfield.

The young footballer was transferred to the Newcastle Knights just four days after graduating from Warwick High in 1991, and last year competed for his current club in the Newcastle competition.

Barrett relished the chance to learn from experienced players.

"I could possible have joined the Gold Coast Seagulls who had approached me but the junior development program at Newcastle was great,” Barrett said.

A former Warwick rugby union player is the new chairman of the Queensland Rugby Union. David Crombie played in the Rose City during his childhood, and went on to tour with the Wallabies in 1967. Crombie would later become the president of the Australian Rugby Union.

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