Santa Claus is coming to town.
Santa Claus is coming to town. Bev Lacey

Letter to the kids of Warwick from Santa

Dear kids of Warwick,

Just wanted to drop you champions a quick note to say I'm not far away now.

That's right, it's only two more sleeps till the big day and despite the big job I've got ahead of me, I thought it would be only right to write and say thanks.

On the whole, you Warwick kids have been one pretty awesome bunch!

You're friendly, helpful and work hard to make others feel good, and I like that sort of stuff.

There's way too many bad things going on in the world at the moment and lots of people would do well to take a look at you Warwick kids and see how it should be done.

I like to keep up on the news and over the year I've seen stories in Warwick about kids who have led the way with friendliness and love for others.

I saw lots of stories about little kids cutting off their hair so other kids in hospital might have a better life.

And heaps of stories about kids donating their time and what little money they have to help others.

I even saw a story just last week about a little boy who wanted to give away his bike to someone who didn't have one.

All throughout your little community, kids have been going out of their way to make other people feel nice.

I've gotta tell you, this sort of stuff brings a tear to old Santa's eye.

My naughty and nice list had a lot more nice on it this year that's for sure, so well done!

Now, on the important stuff, presents.

Hands up if you want a present from Santa from Christmas!

Crikey, there are a lot of you!

Just kidding, I've got all your letters and I really enjoyed reading them.

Some of them were a little bit hard to read but keep practising your letters and you'll get there!

I had some pretty strange requests too and I'm sorry to report but rainbow unicorns are pretty hard to find at this time of year.

Don't despair though, this year I'm carrying a record load of gifts for you guys and I can't wait to get down there on Sunday and start delivering them.

The reindeer are all fit and healthy and they need to be for this sort of job.

Rudolph seems to always have a silly cold at this time of year, but's he's good to go and loves it when you guys sing that song about him.

Righto then, I better get packing.

One last thing, make sure you leave out some goodies for me and the reindeer.

Stopping in at over a billion homes, in 240 odd countries in 36 hours is a pretty big job and let's face it, I like a snack, so be a good kid and leave something out.

A cold drink, some nice Belgian chocolates or a biscuit for me and some carrots, apples or quality lucerne hay for the reindeer would be fantastic.

Then make sure you go to bed early with no tantrums and be extra good for Mum and Dad.

Then, on Christmas morning you're going to be very happy indeed.

Enjoy yourselves and thanks for everything,

Love Santa.

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