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LETTERS: Qld heading for one of worst road tolls in 2020




Queensland is heading for one of the worst annual road toll statistics this year when the latest figures from QPS indicate that, as of November 2, there were 223 fatalities, while the same time last year it was 189.

That is 34 more lives lost, so far to the start of November.

We all know what the "Fatal 5" causes are: seat belts, drink or drugged driving, fatigue, speed and distractions.

Leading up to Christmas we need to take steps towards improving our safety on the roads and turn the road toll around.

Who has heard of the road safety campaign slogan many years ago, "Every K over is a Killer"?

I remember back then, how many people believed that speed was not a killer and that it was just a revenue-raising ploy for the police to collect funds for the government of the day.

Consider that when you are travelling at 60kmh you are moving along at 16.7 metres per second and at 100kmh, 27 metres per second.

How important is one second when you add in the fact it takes an average person's brain 1.5 seconds to react to an incident?

A practical demonstration was done to show how much difference 10 kmh over the speed limit can make and how dangerous it is to be distracted in an urban street.

The vehicle built up speed to 50 kmh and braked at a specific point, to stop and have a soft cone hat placed in front.

The vehicle then increased to 60 kmh and braked at the same specific point, resulting in a 30 kmh impact on the soft cone, causing a loud crack and rumble as it went under the car.

Even though the speed was increased by only 10 kmh the physics of braking meant that a vehicle carried around half its speed into the last quarter of its stop, resulting in a massive impact.

In a speed and stopping demonstration program, it states that if you double your speed, you will quadruple your stopping distance.

At 40 kmh you can stop a vehicle in good condition within eight metres and at 80 kmh, 34 metres.

The faster you go, the longer it physically will take to stop the vehicle.

Factors to be considered are the tyres, brakes, weight of the vehicle, road surface and reaction time.

Respect the ability of trucks to be able to stop safely and not cut in front of them when they are slowing down for traffic lights.

Please consider that every "K" over the signed speed limit can be a killer, as the road signs are in place for your road safety and the safety of others sharing our roads.

Road safety is in your hands - stay safe on our roads and enjoy your holidays this Christmas period.

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton.



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