Harry's view on storm season tradie shortage.
Harry's view on storm season tradie shortage.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Concerns raised over voting system



2020 Queensland State Election issues

Many constituents have reported concerns regarding the voting system resulting in a significant number of voters missing out on their opportunity to cast a vote in the 2020 State Election.

I believe aged care residents and rural and regional voters were disadvantaged the most.

I have written to the Electoral Commission of Queensland and asked for a review of the preventable problems I have been alerted to.

A summary of the items I have asked the Commissioner to address:

• Postal Votes - Ballots received late or not at all. The ECQ was ill-equipped to handle postal voting adequately and seemed to have little awareness of the ability of Australia Post to deliver on time, especially in rural areas.

• Residents of Aged Care institutions were given limited voting options resulting in many residents not having the chance to cast a vote.

• There were not enough early voting booth locations in the Callide Electorate, specifically in Moura and Calliope. I believe one week of pre-polling would have been sufficient and more cost effective.

• Lack of toilet facilities at polling booths for volunteers and the public.

• Voters on Election Day were told that they had already voted. Computers needed to be reset for this to be corrected and this had been happening all day in several locations.

• Election timeline - The date of the 2020 Queensland Election has been a well-known fact for a very long time. The closing date for candidate nominations should have been at least a week earlier, allowing ballot papers to be printed and posted in time to be delivered, completed, and returned for counting.

• Communication - the reliance on online communication due to the closure of many newspapers in regional and rural Queensland left a gaping hole in information about the election.

• There was a lack of communication from the ECQ to voters regarding their voting options.

Television, radio, and newsprint (where still available) would have been a more effective communication tool than online and social media information.

• Many rural and elderly constituents do not have access to the internet or mobile phone service, relying on mail, television, radio, and newsprint.

The Electoral Commission has announced that there will be no fines issued for those who did not receive their ballots in time, but I believe that they are missing the point.

In many electorates, counting of votes continues and may be decided by a handful of votes.

If you have any other voting issues, please contact my office.

Colin Boyce, Callide



Harry's view on storm season tradie shortage.
Harry's view on storm season tradie shortage.



There's a worrying sign in the Australian housing market with one state seeing prices fall at more than double the rate of the 2008 US housing crash.

Joshua A Martin: Well I have a 416ha cattle property for sale 30 min drive from Rocky for the price of two houses in Rockhampton that you can actually make money with a lot more than renting, cattle prices are booming as everyone needs to eat.

Christie Green: Maybe this will give average Australians to have the Australian dream rather than giving their dream to others like people overseas.

James Grose: That's what happens when invested interests prop up a phantom market for years trying to pillage the average buyer.

Step Holden: Expect hyped up one eyed real estate agents to wash thy mouths out with soap, falling prices just aren't in the real estate dictionary, such sacrilege.


As Joe Biden's win was announced across America, President Donald Trump did not seem in a rush to get back to the White House.

Darren Bailey: I think some people need to look at history. Trump uses a certain type of style in his messages to the people. It is a well known tactic used by many past political people.. It is called "The Big Lie". It works on the theory if you say something loud enough and keep saying it regardless of whether it is true or not you just keep saying it over and over again and eventually the people will believe it. His son during his weekend rant kept going on about "Total War". This is another term from the past, used by one of the same dictators that used The Big Lie... Now let's see which one of you PUPPETS knows Who The Dictator Was.

Some of you might be very surprised.

Marcia Miller: Typical media hype as Biden has only been declared president by the media.

Peter Freeman: Lost his golf ball.

Sandi Oates: Good riddance. Over hearing his ramblings and stupid tweets. This is a man who said "People are dying who have never died before". Well duh.

Step Holden: The very slim majority of the US people who can't see the forest for the trees better be happy with what they wished for, what they got will be no better than another Obama, a lot of talk and nothing to show for it.

Greg Moore: Four years without America starting another war. It was good while it lasted. Now we can get back to the norm I suppose.

Adam Hatswell: A loss for America and a loss for the world.

Darryl Cameron: Good riddance Trump is a bum.



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