Harry's view on Cap Coast tourism boom and PM visit.
Harry's view on Cap Coast tourism boom and PM visit.

LETTERS: ‘We’re entering the Green zone’



The carbon lockdown

The COVID lockdown is a practice run for the big one - the Carbon Lockdown.

If climate alarmists win the elections, our freedoms and prosperity will evaporate like CO2 from a warm beer.

The fact that their green energy program is madness will be irrelevant to the new WCO (World Carbon Organisation).

To meet UN Paris targets there will be no more petrol cars, diesel trucks, reliable electricity, beef burgers or Christmas ham, but bio-fuelled battleships, hydrogen-fuelled planes and sail-powered bulk carriers will be decreed (except in the BRICS world).

Diesel submarines will be scrapped and NATO will mandate battery-powered battle tanks.

Pit ponies will return to the mines, and farmers will plough with Clydesdales.

Soon they will design a mask that absorbs CO2 from your breath.

Mega-cities will be "unsustainable".

You will be confined to your local commune and shop in pedal-powered trikes with battery-assist.

You must eat local food and use electric power only when they switch it on for your district (but never on still, frosty mornings).

Our obedience to the COVID lockdown has given them confidence to enforce their Carbon Lockdown.

They will track us with microchips and control our travel, food, water and electricity usage via 6G.

We are entering the GREEN ZONE.

Viv Forbes, Washpool Qld, Australia

There is help out there

I write from the not-for-profit Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (MIFA) to highlight that there is no question that across Australia, people's mental health conditions have escalated significantly.

It is due to fear, anxiety and social isolation. COVID-19 has hit the community very hard indeed.

What is very troubling is that 54 per cent of people with a mental illness do not access any kind of treatment.

Close to 7 in 10 of all GP presentations are now people with mental health issues.

That's where the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia comes in.

We have a special hotline designed to help people work out where they can get help.

It is a free service available to readers in your area.

Readers should simply call 1800 985 944.

You can also get more information at www.minetworks.org.au.

Mental health issues need to be talked about more across the community.

Close to half (45 per cent) of all Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

It is now estimated a huge 3.8 million Australians live with a mental illness and 690,000 live with a severe mental illness.

We absolutely need to be investing more in services that help people with mental health issues.

We must make it easier for people to access the help that is actually out there.

Our key message is reach out … because there is help out there.

Visit our website or call our hotline. It is why the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia is there - to help.

Tony Stevenson, National CEO.




Harry's view on Cap Coast tourism boom and PM visit.
Harry's view on Cap Coast tourism boom and PM visit.



LPMC. Premier Palaszczuk will leave a massive uncontrollable 100 billion dollar plus budget debt, also $1.3 billion in unpaid SPER fines. Labor employed 36,000 extra public servants to manage the state but have failed. Simple, anyone with overdue unpaid SPER fines should have their licence suspended until fines are paid. Again Labor can't handle money.

AS. Please don't waste your vote in the Qld election. A vote for an independent is a wasted vote. Vote Labor and thank Annastacia for keeping us safe from people down in southern states as we are lucky here in Central Qld we are able to go about our normal lives. A vote for Labor is a vote for keeping us healthy.

ANON. This Liberal government is a joke with the amount of cash they slashed on job seeker and keeper and people whose partners cannot get the pension because the other one is still working. Jump from 200 to 1000 to the doles must have thought it was Xmas. And the rich want this government to win power. Every true blue that's votes libs is a Claytons Aussie.

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