Listen to the warnings to stay safe this Christmas

QUEENSLAND'S school holidays are under way and families are packing the car and heading off on summer adventures.

It should be a joyous period, but as history has shown year after year, it is often a time of tragedy.

Too many people die or are seriously injured on our roads during the school holiday period.

Every year police warn motorists of the fatal five. But every year, too many ignore the warnings.

RACQ has taken the fight against one of the fatal five to the streets.

Representatives from the motoring group were based at the Gladfield Driver Reviver site with a clear message - driver fatigue is a silent killer.

RACQ's Steve Spalding has spelled out the dangers of driving while fatigued.

He said driving 17 hours without adequate rest was equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol level of .05.

Driving 24 hours, he said, was the same as driving with a 0.1 alcohol reading.

Mr Spalding said driving while tired drastically reduced attention levels, slowed reaction times and impaired judgement.

Even scarier is the fact that fatigue can creep up on even the most experienced of drivers, with many not realising until it is too late.

Driver Reviver sites like that at Gladfield exist for a reason.

They are an opportunity for motorists to stop, rest and recharge. They make our roads safer.

Please, if you are travelling these school holidays, take note of the fatal five, including the silent killer that is fatigue.

It could mean the difference between a joyous holiday period and one of tragedy.

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