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Little Axyl was born 15 weeks early

BABY Axyl James Wilson weighed just 1.6 pounds when he was born on December 15.

That's less than a quarter of the average weight of a new born.

He was 32cm long when he entered the world about 15 weeks premature.

Axyl's mother Isya Aitken was first taken to the Kingaroy Hospital before complications forced her transfer to Brisbane and then on to the Gold Coast.

Despite Axyl's premature birth Isya said other than a few problems, he was progressing well.

"He's doing really great the doctors are really happy with him," Isya said.

The family will stay at the Gold Coast until Axyl is old enough to move to the Kingaroy Hospital.

"We've just moved in accommodation that a charity donated and we have that for two weeks but Axly wasn't due until April we still have anther six or seven weeks at the Gold Coast," Isya said.

Isya's fiance David Wilson has to drive back to Nanango every couple of days to feed and care for their animals.

Given the highly sensitive care baby Axyl needs while he builds his strength the extended family started a Gofundme campaign to help.

David's aunt Cath Kenny said the family was holding it together.

"Their whole world was just tipped upside down," Ms Kenny said.

"Just trying to survive up here with a rental and commuting to Gold Coast every couple of days is just really hard on them.

"There's a lot of emotional up and downs: when you leave hospital and you not with baby you're just beside yourself but they are doing really well."

Ms Kenny said the doctors didn't have a clear explanation as to why he arrived so early and she thought he was just a little too keen to meet his family.

"It a little disappointing because she's so into such clear living. (Isya) doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, it was just that bubby wanted to come out early," she said.

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