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The Ezi-make will save your back.
The Ezi-make will save your back.

Live alone? This device will change your life (and back)

WHETHER it is by choice or circumstance, more and more of us are living alone.

The benefits are many: independence, peace and quiet, and nobody to hog the remote.

However, there are some aspects of living alone that can be challenging, and for many even the seemingly simple act of making the bed can be problematic.

Repeated bed-making could put you at risk of Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) - the most common workplace injury in Australia, and an increasing problem for many Australian men and women.

MSD is caused by repetitive lifting or pushing of heavy equipment or objects too far from your body; and continual repetition of tasks, forceful exertions and sustained awkward positions that push your body too far.

Activities that cause MSD may not seem particularly hazardous, even at the time the task is completed.

Studies by bed assistance apparatus company Ezi-make have shown even the simple task of daily bed-making requires "a detrimental load of unsafe movements and lifting".

So what to do? You want that beautifully made bed, but not at the cost of your back.

Use what the experts in aged care and nursing use - the Ezi-make.

Making the task of bed-making six times easier, the Ezi-make reduces the load on your body and consequently reduces your risk of back injury and MSD.

After all, if you are the only one making the beds, you need to make it as safe and easy as possible.

To find out more about reducing your risk of MSD, phone 0487 213 250 or head HERE

Breakout: Tips to make living alone easier

-Make use of gadgets and technology that will make day to day chores easier
-Entertain regularly and maintain a good social life
-If possible, get yourself an easy to maintain pet for company
-Downsize - make sure your living space is scaled to suit you

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