Silly hats, backroom politics and the easy life of the Opposition benches are among the serious problems that plague the LNP, The Courier-Mail readers say.

Our readers have overwhelmingly delivered negative commentaries on Peter Gleeson's three-part investigation into the Opposition's troubles.


Here's what a few had to say:

Susan said the major problem with the LNP was that its leaders were "too busy working to dominate their enemies".

"Fighting the ALP is just secondary," she said.

"Until the back room is supporting the parliamentary members and listening to the members they are no hope of winning multiple terms or even one."

The hopes of the LNP have been pinned on its newest leader, David Crisafulli. Pic: Annette Dew
The hopes of the LNP have been pinned on its newest leader, David Crisafulli. Pic: Annette Dew

Vernon said the Opposition might not want to move onto the government side of the chamber.

"When politicians and their hangers on are paid a king's salary, it can be quite a nice life in the opposition benches, particularly if you are in a safe seat," he wrote.

"Never have to deliver anything, blame the other mob, and rake in the cash."

Teresa wants the Opposition to "bring back the Borg … A down-to-earth country bloke with solid values".

John declared the LNP would not get a look in until the retirement of Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Brendan called for the party to find new blood.

"(The) LNP should look to talent in the local communities around Queensland," he said.

"Don't vote for ego driven MP's but those there to serve you - ask them about non-employment service to their communities."

Zachary Wright believes the LNP's problems are a simple fix.

He says the party has an "elitist and too bushie" image.

"To improve the LNP need to ditch any references to private schools, colleges, university, then ditch ties, tweed jackets, RM boots and silly hats," he said.

"Queenslanders might be right wing conservative, but they are also laconic, mostly honest and uncomplicated people who don't like the big end of town or too much bs."

Glenn struggled to stay awake hearing about the irrelevant LNP, which he says presided over "two disastrous terms in thirty years".

Even one of the LNP's own volunteers, Ivan, doesn't miss.

"The LNP will never get into to power until they get rid of their stuck up, pompous, arrogant, look at us born to rule attitude, ignoring common sense advice from some of their supporters," he said.

"I got ridiculed once from telling them they were going to get smashed, at one of their meetings."

But it wasn't all bad for the Opposition, with reader Lyndal insisting David Crisafulli is the leader the LNP needs.

"A shift in leadership with DC is what is needed. Hardworking and example setting may lead them to victory."


Originally published as LNP slammed as 'pompous', 'elitist' in brutal fallout

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