Rian Thompson.
Rian Thompson.

Local lad Rian puts on a show with Queensland Ballet

RIAN Thompson is taking to the stage tonight at the MECC - dancing with the Queensland Ballet.

Formerly of Mackay, Rian still has family here and admitted there was something special about dancing on a home stage.

"It's a really happy warm feeling to be in front of a home crowd and dance on the same stage you did as a child," he said.

Last time he was in town was for Christmas.

"We also toured last year with Cloudland," he said.

With many family members living in Mackay including his parents, Rian will have a enthusiastic audience cheering him on.

In tonight's performance of Giselle, Rian will play the role of a villager.

He said the ballet was a famous traditional dance and therefore there was an added pressure to get the steps correct.

"Giselle is a very haunting and beautiful ballet, it's very traditional ballet from the romantic era," Rian said.

"The ballet is so well-known and the steps are so recognisable."

But it's not just the traditional dances Rian likes to dance.

"I also like contemporary - I like to mix it up between the two," he said.

His ballet career is a full-time job.

"We work five days a week, training starts at 9.30 with an hour of techniques each morning," Rian said.

"We finish about 5.30pm and can work six days a week leading up to a production."

When his not dancing Rian said he liked to relax.

"Spending time with friends, going out to dinner," he said.

For the time being Rian is happy to stay with Queensland Ballet, which has allowed him to tour around Queensland and also overseas to China.

Queensland Ballet's, Giselle will take to the stage tonight at 7.30pm at the Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre.

For more information about the performance phone 49619777.

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