Long gestation baffles new squattocracy

THE expansive agricultural holding that is my home, Brookvale Downs, exploded back in early June when I thought the last of the lambs had arrived on the ground.

Seven lambs from eight ewes was a great result and they were all big with not too many ram lambs.

With the lack of grass during the cold months on my massive six acres, I have had to feed fairly heavily.

Recently I noticed the ewes, in particular the two I thought where missed by the ram, putting on more weight than an Ethiopian in McDonald's.

Being the rural genius I am, I started to cut down the amount of sheep nuts and lucerne I was feeding them.

Last week I was filling in holes the local tribe of Hares had been digging under the fences and I saw two new lambs on the ground - more than 140 days after the ewes arrived and even longer since a ram has even looked at them let alone had a chance to park the ute.

With not a ram for miles, ring lock so tight even an ant has trouble getting through, only cattle and horses in the other paddocks and the Canberra Raider's Mad Monday not having started yet, I had no idea who the father was.

After looking at my mates (who come over often for a beer) a bit funny and before a ringing the Vatican to come and verify a miracle, I needed to go and ask a mate.

I seems, according to my mate, in some cases around the Southern Downs, ewes have gone more than six months depending on the climate, etc, and I am an idiot, should stop looking at Google and be happy to have two more lamb roasts.

So Jesus wasn't the father of my two new lambs and once gain my farming ability was proven to be a bit ordinary but I have leant what a lambing percentage is and I have a good one.

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