Centre boss warns louts

HOOLIGANS tempted to cause trouble at the Rose City Shopping Centre should think twice, with centre manager Jason Gard this week warning serious consequences will follow.

The warnings come after two people fronted court this week for fighting in the shopping centre and the main street.

Surveillance in the centre allows Mr Gard and the police to monitor and review footage of any anti-social behaviour which happens on site.

While Mr Gard said there were infrequent instances of such behaviour there were some juveniles who caused problems there.

“It happens everywhere – it's not anything new for here and all centres have problems with anti-social behaviour,” he said.

“That's because it's a fairly popular place for people to go to but we work closely with police to make sure when incidents like that occur, it is taken care of appropriately.”

In the instance of swearing, fighting, or hassling of other shoppers, Mr Gard said he would respond and, if required, police would be called.

“The centre has CCTV so we are able to view incidents and decide what action to take,” he said.

From that point offenders could be charged or banned from the centre

“People who do anything anti-social and especially those who re-offend are not welcome.”

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