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Love told 'no-one likes you'

COURTNEY Love claims her landlady made her cry when she last visited her.

The Hole singer is currently at war with Donna Lyon, who owns the apartment in New York's West Village area which she is renting, after she claimed she was behind with her rent and had redecorated without permission and their latest showdown came when they recently met.

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Courtney wrote in a blog for "Donna Lyon, the owner, came over the other day and, after informing me that, 'No one likes you, Courtney Love, NO ONE,' which made me cry, she proceeded to knock over a photo (she's rather... unwieldy) of me with Dame Elizabeth Taylor and shatter the mirrored frame. Greed. It's kinda everywhere, but so is art! So is music. So is acting...

"Maybe my friends are right and she wants Americans to think I'm sloppy (not!) and that I don't live with taste and grace. It's the heartbeat of life! Taste and grace and a dash of whimsy."

Donna is taking Courtney to court despite her insistences she has paid her rent and her promise to restore the house as it was before she moved in, and the 'Doll Parts' singer is now looking for a new place to live, in the city's SoHo area.

She added: "Whatever. She's old. She probably thinks this will look cool and she'll sell. Some people just like to pick on who they perceive as easy targets. Until this (movie) deal I'm doing goes down, I think I'll rent in SoHo. I haven't seen a turnkey house in The Village yet, and I pine for Milla (Jovovich)'s townhouse, but she's leased it for two more years."

The court case is set for January 13, 2012.

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