Grafton Court House
Grafton Court House Caitlan Charles

Man accused of machete melee allowed out on bail

A SOUTH Grafton man, alleged to have been armed with a machete and a sai in a confrontation with a woman in South Grafton at the weekend, is out on bail.

On Monday in Grafton Local Court, Magistrate Kathy Crittenden granted Nathan Carney, 40, bail on the basis of strict conditions he report daily to Grafton Police, obey a strict curfew, not approach the alleged victim's home and that a surety of $500 be forfeited if he broke his bail conditions.

Police alleged Mr Carney and his girlfriend arrived at the address of the alleged victim in South Grafton at 5.30pm on September 8 and Mr Carney emerged from the car armed with the weapons and confronted her.

The alleged victim ran away and armed herself with a stick.

Police evidence said they had found CCTV footage of the incident which showed a man in a cap in black shorts and a white t-shirt committing the offences, but the footage was not available for the hearing.

Two women in the court room, who identified themselves as Mr Carney's girlfriend and her mother, interrupted the court saying the footage would show Mr Carney did not commit any offence.

The girl friend's mother also told the court she would be prepared to offer Mr Carney surety of $500 if he needed it.

The magistrate warned the women they had not been asked to address the court.

The prosecution opposed bail because of the seriousness of the offences, a strong police case and the possibility of the accused absconding.

She also said there would be fears for the safety of the alleged victim and witnesses.

She said Mr Carney had a significant history of violent offences.

Mr Carney's solicitor, Joel Eng, said his client should be bailed as he was the only carer for his elderly, ill grandfather.

He said this, plus strict reporting conditions and a curfew, should ensure his client remained at the premises his bail stipulated. Ms Crittenden said, while the offence was serious, the conditions she imposed could alleviate the prosecution's concerns.

She granted bail and adjourned the case to October 21.

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