Making the connection

AFTER hearing endless stories about willing workers not being able to connect with the right people to secure employment in the growing resource sector, Queenslander Erin Cardell decided to take matters in her own hands and launch the Boom Workforce website.

The new website is a free resource for people hoping to get a job within the growing mining, oil, gas and civil industries.

The site was developed, based on real life feedback and in consultation with HR departments from top resource companies, and takes into account exactly what they require from jobseekers.

It takes about 30 minutes to register and once jobseekers are screened they are then sent directly to HR managers who have available jobs, to process.

A co-founder, Ms Cardell said the idea was born after hearing endless stories of friends trying to find work but not knowing where to start.

"I kept hearing people saying, 'I just don't know who to call or where to go to get into this growing area', then on the other side I was constantly reading stories about companies having an abundance of jobs in these sectors and not being able to find the right people," Ms Cardell said.

"We just thought there had to be a way to connect the keen employees with the right people, while also making the jobs of the struggling HR departments' lives easier.

"We have fine-tuned every component of the website to ensure the process runs smoothly and is advantageous for both the job seeker and the employers.

"The simple idea behind Boom Workforce is to connect the right people to the right people who need workers."
And since the recent launch, the website has really boomed.

"Within a couple hours of launching, we had 250 willing workers registered and wanting to connect to our connections," Ms Cardell said.

"And it's been going crazy ever since."

She said the companies that had signed on to receive the registered candidates had found the site to be a great time-saver.

"The resource sector receives hundreds of applications every day and the HR departments can't keep up," she said.

"Many told us they didn't have the time or the manpower to screen every candidate, so if a candidate didn't fill out every item they needed they had to be discarded because they didn't have time follow them up.

"We have built the site to ensure that every jobseeker fills in all the required sections and provides all the relevant information to move up the process towards securing a job. For the companies, the site will cut out most of the

groundwork required to find workers and for that they are happy."
For more information or to register visit

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