CRASH TEAM: Ryan Filleul, Jake Reid, Grant Simpson and Jamie Reid from Mid City.
CRASH TEAM: Ryan Filleul, Jake Reid, Grant Simpson and Jamie Reid from Mid City. Jonno Colfs

Making the old new again at Mid City Collision

A TOUCH OF WARWICK - Mid City Collision Repair Centre


Ryan Filleul

I'M THE head painter here at Mid City Collision and have been working with the team for about 11 months.

I've been painting for about 20 years since completing my apprenticeship in Townsville.

I always enjoyed painting as a kid, I used to paint up my push-bikes with cans of spray paint.

We got a HQ Monaro out the back there at the moment, and it's great to be working on a classic like that.

We start from scratch, stripping the paint, then do an undercoat and then we get spraying colour.

I generally do about two to three coats and only need to wait about five to 10 minutes between each coat.

So we can do a whole car in around an hour and it'll be right to drive away the next day.

Jake Reid

IT'S my 18th birthday today but, because the business belongs to my mum and dad, I've been hanging around here since primary school.

I started a school-based apprenticeship in Year 10 and also completed a Certificate II in Mechanical Underbody.

I completed high school in 2016 and then started here full time.

I work under Ryan as a spray painter and once they figure out my school based work, I'll probably be somewhere around a second year apprentice.

I grew up around cars and this business and restoring old cars will always be a love of mine.

I want to join the police force, so I'm going to finish my trade and then apply for the academy.

Grant Simpson

I'VE been working here for two and a half years.

I'm a panel beater by trade and started an apprenticeship at Laidley Smash, after a few jobs working at Coles and on farms.

I have a real love of cars, ever since I was a kid.

Always had a paddock basher that I'd muck around in and tinker with.

I've been doing this for near on 20 years and I love it, especially restoration jobs, doing up the old classics, making them new again.

We try to work as much as we can with the existing panels of the cars, occasionally we buy replacements but if we can't source something we'll machine it ourselves here on site.

They're a great bunch to work with here - we're a big family and we definitely enjoy ourselves.

When I'm not here, I'm usually at home working on a few projects.

I've got a Morris Tilly that I'm doing up, so I never really stop.

Jamie Reid

I LEFT Warwick High School at the end of Year 10 in 1992 and started a spray painting apprenticeship with Bryson's Paint and Panel.

I worked for the business for a few years then left and eventually bought Lister's Panelwork in 2000.

I also had the Mid City business at the time and started Lister's Mid City.

Then in about 2002, I bought out Bryson's and relocated to this site as Mid City Collision.

We also run the O'Brien franchise in Warwick and Warwick Towing Recovery so life is pretty busy.

We've got a great staff and I really enjoy working with my wife and son. It's a real family business.

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