Dieter Brummer returns to Neighbours as Troy Miller.
Dieter Brummer returns to Neighbours as Troy Miller. Giles Park

Making trouble on Ramsay Street

FORMER Home and Away hunk Dieter Brummer is reprising his guest role on rival soapie Neighbours.

The Underbelly actor returned to Ramsay Street this week as Captain Troy Miller, the former flame of Sonya, who on his last visit to Erinsborough discovered he had a child - Callum.

"I did the seven-week guestie last year and there was talk about it," Brummer said of his return.

"It seemed fairly well open. It took 12 months for them to come up with the storyline and bring me back, I had a feeling I'd be back at some point, I was just not sure when."

Brummer will spend six weeks on the show this time around, which is plenty of time for his character to cause some more trouble.

After daring to rough up Ramsay Street icon Harold Bishop before fleeing town last year, it's doubtful Miller will be able to win over Erinsborough's residents this time around.

"He's come back to be part of his son's life," Brummer said.

"When we first saw Troy last year he wasn't aware that he fathered a child to Sonya and after things went a little bit awry towards the end of last year's stint, he'd gone away and spent a bit of time thinking about it and came back."

So, is there any chance of a fresh start with Sonya's partner Toadie?

"Troy definitely wants to bury the hatchet but more so in Toadie rather than with him," he laughed.

Brummer said his character was not exactly a changed man but has had time to think about being a father.

"He doesn't put up quite as much of a façade as he did last time, pretending he's totally reformed," he said.

"He's aggressive. He's a quick-to-get-in-a-fight or raise-his-fists kind of a guy. This time around he's made a certain amount of change.

"He just wants to be a part of his son's life and he's going about it a certain way and that doesn't sit so well with the other residents of Ramsay Street."

Tonight on Neighbours, Lucas's journey towards accepting fatherhood is cranked up a notch. Meanwhile, Rhys continues his pursuit of Vanessa.

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