Man, 20, jailed for break-ins

A WARWICK offender involved in a spate of break-ins late last year will spend the next three months in prison after pleading guilty to a range of charges last week.

Braden Mark Hodgson, 20, was convicted in the Warwick Magistrates Court on charges stemming from the November crime spree undertaken by himself and two other young accomplices.

Hodgson was also convicted on his own plea of guilty of possessing drugs and a drug utensil.

The court was told the trio of troublemakers gained entry or attempted to gain entry to a range of business premises in Warwick throughout the course of November.

These included the Carey Bros butchery on Locke Street, Regency Park, the Stockyard Hotel, Leonard’s Trading Store on Dragon Street and Brown Nolan and Watt accountants on Wood Street.

Items stolen included a DVD player, a laptop computer, bank documents and cash from Regency Park, as well as the money receptacles from poker machines at the Stockyard Hotel.

Hodgson was also charged with possession of nearly 20 grams of cannabis and a smoking utensil on November 26.

The court heard he had previous convictions for burglary and drug possession from 2008.

Magistrate Anne Thacker sentenced Hodgson to a 12-month prison term with a parole release date set at May 25.

He was also ordered to pay nearly $3000 in restitution to the owners of the premises which were involved in the break-ins.

Hodgson’s main accomplice in the offences, Justin John Hutley, 22, was earlier given two years probation.

The third member of the trio, Dylan Hendrix Selfe, 18, received a year’s probation after acting primarily as a rather nervous lookout man, with the court hearing he took off down Locke Street before the alarm went off during the bungled attempt to enter Carey Bros butchery on November 20.

In other court news, a 20-year-old from Stanthorpe has been committed to stand trial in the District Court at a future sitting in Warwick for his part in a series of alleged offences in December.

Damien James Lane has been charged over the armed robbery with violence of a man in a caravan park near Beaudesert on December 14, as well as multiple break-ins at Mount Tamborine and an attempted break-in at the Fisher Park service station near Cunningham’s Gap east of Warwick.

The District Court is next due to visit Warwick in early April but no specific date has yet been set for Lane’s appearance.

Of his two co-accused, Corey John Coombes, 20, of Stanthorpe is on bail and is next due to appear in the Warwick Magistrates Court on March 9, while Joshua James Templeman, 22, of Thulimbah, is also on bail and next due in court on March 24.

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